Sophie’s milestones : Rollin’ over

I realise that when I head back to work tomorrow, I may miss the milestones that Bubba will be hitting. I won’t be there when she learns how to sit up, crawl or take her first step. What if I miss her first word? I felt absolutely gutted thinking ahead the milestones that I will have to miss while her primary caregivers soak up the joy and happiness of being there to witness her firsts. šŸ˜¦

This particular milestone of rolling over meant a lot to me for I spend so much time with her within these past 4 months or so and I knew she was going to roll over on her own sooner or later. She kept practicing her rolls but was not successful on doing it on her own. She would cry in frustration when she couldn’t roll and very often, I would go in and ‘rescue’ her by nudging her to roll over. I was really hoping that she would roll over on her own before I head back to work tomorrow. I wanted to be there to witness this milestone and to cheer her on.


Well, my baby girl did it! After a Mummy-and-Baby playdate with Aunty Mag and Ashleigh, we went home feeling a little tired. I knew Bubba didn’t want to sleep, so I laid her down on her play-gym. Minutes later, she rolled over! She didn’t stop just at one roll-over, she rolled over a couple of times for me to grab a video, take more pictures and beam with pride and joy that my baby girl did it! šŸ™‚

PS: The Man said that Bubba was already practicing her rolls while he was doing the midnight feed with her. But since she was not fully awake, I’m claiming the roll in the afternoon as a first instead. Haha…


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