Nurseries in Tokyo

We’ve always loved Tokyo for its vibrancy and fast-paced life. It’s always the city that we would have no qualms about going in a heartbeat. We weren’t too sure if it was going to be all that child-friendly so as new parents, it’s time to take on the city that we love with a fresh perspective. Apart from the tips that I have shared so far, thought I share this other one on diapering/ feeding if you are ever planning on traveling to Tokyo with a young one.

Some have asked if we have planned a travel itinerary with Bubba. Well, we didn’t. Probably because we are so used to going back to Tokyo that we didn’t really felt the need to plan properly what to do with Bubba. We did however have a couple of places we wanted to bring her, for instance, Shinjuku Koen, Yoyogi Koen (Park) and Tokyo Tower, etc. However, it also depended largely on the weather and whether she slept well the night before. So our plans were rather fluid. We didn’t felt the need to do much sight-seeing instead, we hung out at shopping malls because we wanted to eat our fave foods and also to squeeze in a spot of shopping. Plus, it felt better to be in shopping malls because it’s air-conditioned and they have these superb nurseries for young kids. I hope the malls in Singapore would follow suit so that Mommas here can also head out with their young ones with ease.

Here’s how a typical nursery / nursing room looks like in the shopping mall in Tokyo:

IMG_8813Love how the Japanese thought of almost everything.. from changing stations, feeding stations and even nursing rooms.

IMG_8811I’m truly impressed with their feeding stations where one can feed their child his/her meals in this special area. The several malls that we went too, almost all of their feeding stations were equipped with Stokke Trip Trapp high-chairs. Talk about feeding in style and their high-chairs came in such fancy colours as well. My fave was the purple which unfortunately is not sold in Singapore. Damn!

IMG_8812And here we have the changing stations and also the nursing room which is out-of-bounds for the men. I must add that most of the nursing rooms are really clean and comfy. One of them that I entered with Bubba was so huge that I think at least 8 women could be nursing their child in that confined space. In place of a private room in the nursing room, there were special curtains that mothers could pull for their privacy while nursing. I thought it was super impressive as it provided a private space for mothers to nurse their little ones.

Now I wish nursing rooms in Singapore would be just as nice as the ones that we have come across in Tokyo. I guess everyone will also need to play their part of keeping the nursing room clean as well and I honestly think that the Japanese do a better job in this.


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