Achievement unlocked: Solo travel with Bubba

So the day for our family holiday finally arrived! The Man flew up to Tokyo for work a couple of days earlier and we agreed that he would bring both of our luggage for the trip. All I needed to do was to get Bubba and myself up on the plane and meet him in Tokyo. I was obviously worried. Worried that S would be all cranky and I would end up being the parent that all the passengers would secretly curse and swear at. Also, despite the Man bringing most of our stuff up, I still needed to put together a bag of stuff that S would need for the trip – diapers, additional clothes, blankets, toys, my breast pump, etc. IMG_8649That’s not all, I decided against bringing the Babyzen Yoyo on my own (worried that I wouldn’t be able to handle the stroller with one-hand and carry S on the other). In place of the stroller, I decided to baby-wear S instead. A pic of us before clearing customs. I decided to seek assistance from the airport staff since I was worried I couldn’t manage S as well as my hand-luggage.

IMG_8650Having missed her mid-morning nap, S was a little cranky initially. We decided to put her into the carrier and I stuffed the pacifier into her mouth where she promptly fell asleep. The entire immigration/customs clearance was relatively painless because she was asleep. My only gripe was that I had to walk with S plus my heavy luggage to the Gate on my own. I was kinda hoping that I could grab a ride from those complimentary buggy service. Damn!

IMG_8651Bubba on the plane before it took off. I was so hoping that she would continue to be asleep when the plane took off. Unfortunately, all the fussing of the infant seat-belt kinda woke her up…Bah… Many of my friends have shared a couple of tips to help ease the blockage of the ears for babies before the plane takes off. So I did just that, nursed her before the plane took off and then when she wasn’t interested in nursing, stuff the binky and hope it doesn’t fall off. Apparently, the sucking motion helps to soothe them and take off the pressure from their ears.

IMG_8652Thankfully, she took to her new binky pretty well and for a good part of the flight, apart from nursing her, it kept her happy.

IMG_8655Unfortunately, because it was a new environment I was taking her into, her nap time was just disrupted. She was contented to be asleep in my arms most of the time and when I tried to put her into the infant bassinet, it didn’t last very long. The song and dance took a while and everyone around me had their meals. By that time, I was seriously famished and was praying for some help. I heard that the crew could help carry the baby while the passengerย  have their meal but no one offered. Well, so I sucked it up. Tried putting Bubba down for a nap.

IMG_8656 IMG_8657And then this happened! The lady who sat beside me actually clapped for me when I successfully put S down into the bassinet. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hooray! I quickly called for my meal, gobbled it down for 10 mins and then she woke up crying for attention. Arh well, at least I did manage to have a meal and watched 2 movies on the way to Tokyo while holding a sometimes asleep Bubba! Hehe.. ๐Ÿ™‚

Upon arrival into Tokyo, I decided to call for assistance and the ground staff from Haneda Airport was really helpful. They helped hold my luggage plus I got to sit in the buggy which brought me straight to immigration. That’s not all, I even went through the Priority queue through immigration. I heaved a sigh of relief as I hugged Bubba and went straight out to the gate where the Man was waiting for us gals. Phew…

On our flight back from Tokyo to Singapore, we took the 11pm flight and it kinda disrupted her sleep a little. She ended up being a little cranky initially, wailing loudly until I hugged her real tight and managed to coax her to sleep. When we landed in Singapore, it was 5am and she fell into deep sleep in my arms until we put her down into bed. Phew…

Here are some tips gathered from this recent trip that might be useful to note for the next trip:

  • Nurse or give the baby a pacifier before the plane takes off
  • Dress baby up comfortably for the plane may get cold (For convenience, I simply dressed S in her PJs.)
  • Bring extra set of clothes in case baby makes a mess of his/her clothes (ie: vomit/ pee/ poo, etc)
  • Diapers.. bring loads of it.. I brought 10 pieces for each leg of the journey
  • Additional blankets, swaddles if you do not wish to use the one that’s provided
  • Toys/ gadgets to keep baby occupied
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help from the ground staff or the crew (I wished I did ask for help from the crew)

If you have other tips to share on flying with a young one, please do leave a comment. ๐Ÿ™‚

So achievement unlocked for this Momma here! Whee!! Having said that, I would prefer for an additional pair of hands for it was really tough for me to go to the toilet myself and get stuff from my bag while carrying S. So, hopefully, this would be the only time I do this.


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