Letter to Sophie from Daddy x 1

Dear Sophie,

This is Daddy’s first letter to you. I know mommy been writing to u every month, but daddy is not a good writer like mommy. So it takes me 3 times longer to write something to u. But I’m gonna try to do this more often now. Maybe once every 3-4 mths? As u grow up, u will realize that u would have almost no recollection of the first few yrs of your life. So these letters will really help u to relive the journey that we have been thru with u.

IMG_8713We are in Tokyo now celebrating mommy’s birthday. This is our favorite city in the world, and it really means a lot to us for this to be the first foreign country that u visit. We love everything here, the weather, the food  and the culture. But for me, the best part of the trip is the sheer amount of time I get to spend with u. Back home, we have so many people caring for u, I kinda have to share u with many others. This also gave me the excuse to keep going back to work, which further reduces my time with u.

IMG_8714So this is probably the most time that I have ever get to spend with u! We are practically together for 24/7. I get to watch u wake up, talk to u, shower u and then bring u out for walks. We do breakfast, lunch and dinner together. It’s a bit challenging to have u out for dinner at the restaurants that we like to go. But we made some adjustments to accommodate u 🙂 there are hits and miss but all in, it’s a great adventure for all of us! And we truly enjoy every moment of it.

IMG_8765So here are the little things that I noticed u picked up during this trip. Firstly – dream feeding, it’s really nice to see u taking in milk while sleeping. This to me is like a sure way to ensure that u are having a sweet dream 🙂 Next, Your motor skills are developing really quickly! U are now able to pick things up and hold them for a while with those little hands (notice how u hold the spoon during tea time?) You also learn a new sleeping style this time, we were so surprised that u are able to sleep on your tummy now. And u are now able to flip back from tummy time! We still can’t allow u to do all these unsupervised but I believe u will get there soon! Finally those new sounds that u are making everyday, I really like hearing them! So keep them coming pls!


Frankly speaking, daddy is a little bit sad that our little family adventure is coming to and end soon. I really treasure these special moments with you and promise we will continue to do this in for years to come!


Love u, Daddy

P.S. Can’t wait for u to be able to swim! We can go on beach holiday!!


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