How we roll in Tokyo

Some have shared that Tokyo may not be all that child-friendly. To be honest, I was a tad bit worried but thankfully, with the Man around, it was easier to move around. He helped with the heavy-lifting when there is no elevator in sight at the train station. He also maneuvered Bubba most of the time at crowded places so I just had to watch out for myself.

We went around with S taking mostly trains as well as cabs when we head out in the evenings. We avoided the morning and evening rush hour so that it makes our holiday a little more pleasant without having to rush with others. Plus, it takes the stress out of the little one as well. It might scare her if there are too many people around pushing her ride. Most of the time, she’s pretty contented lying in her Zen Yoyo stroller either looking at us or looking around. Perhaps it’s the motion of moving around as well, so we are lucky when she falls asleep in her stroller for us to either enjoy our meals or do some window-shopping. I say window-shopping because the Fall/Winter fashion is not exactly suited for our climate. Plus, the places I love to frequent aren’t exactly baby-friendly so I gave those a miss.

We also brought along our baby-carrier thinking that it might be easier to baby-wear S at crowded places. The Man tried to baby-wear her but both ended up in perspiration as that particular day was actually warm. I guess we were pretty lucky as S was just contented either being in our arms or in her stroller.

I dare-say a success for bringing S around on our little family holiday in the city. Next up, will share our dining experience with the little one. We had to give our fave restaurants a miss but we still did pretty well on the dining front. πŸ˜‰


2 thoughts on “How we roll in Tokyo

  1. Ai Sakura says:

    Enjoy your lovely family holiday! I think Japan is still great for kids, as long as you avoid the peak travelling times as you mentioned. Clean, smooth pathways, convenient nursery rooms & access to baby food. I still prefer it there compared to HK or Bangkok :p

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