Vaby Box – Try before you buy

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Before the arrival of Sophie, I wanted to be one of those parents that would only buy when necessary. Of course, I had to ‘slap’ myself in the face again because I ended up becoming one of those parents who would either do research or rely on friends’ advice and ended up more than what is necessary. My saving grace is probably the Man who would go through my purchases for Sophie with a fine-tooth comb and question me 101 times before I rush out that to purchase the item. For instance, I’ve been thinking of  buying the Baby Bjorn bouncer for the longest time and now that Sophie is fast approaching 6 months, I have my eye on the Stokke High Chair or the Yamtoya Sukusuku ES High Chair. Thankfully, this arrangement is usually for the bigger ticket items like bulky toys and gadgets, he doesn’t really inspect Sophie’s wardrobe all that much, I’m left in-charge of that .. phew!

Unfortunately, some of these purchases are done on impulse and we often end up with it being chucked away or under-utilising it. Being a parent sure is tough business and expensive if I may add. There really are too many options out there and I wish that parenthood comes with a manual for new parents like me to only buy the stuff that I really, really need.

Well, there’s probably a solution for this now… Enter Vaby Box which stands for Victory Baby.

The concept behind Vaby Box ain’t really new in the market but I really love the ‘Try before you buy’ concept. Perfect for new moms like me who very often get caught up with what I read out there or lost with what do I really need for Sophie.

For a monthly subscription of S$18.90, one will receive premium samples from both well-known brands and emerging gems each month.  Delivered in a beautiful curated box, the five to eight deluxe samples inside are meant for mums-to-be, new mums, babies and toddlers. Whether it’s a little monkey ‘lovey’ blanket, organic baby food or a sample of stretch marks oil, Vaby Box provides all the necessities and luxuries for mum and baby.

IMG_8620What I really like is that each Vaby Box is customised to suit mine and Sophie’s needs. While registering for the Vaby Box, I had to input Sophie’s details (ie: her age and weight) so that the data will be captured and the folks at Vaby will send me the items that are best suited for us.

For the month of September, the Vaby Box that was sent to me included these items:

IMG_8621 IMG_8622

  • A personalised Owl worth at least S$7.90
  • Ban Kah Chai Lemongrass Tea Pack
  • Chu-Chu Nursing Pad
  • Sommeil Natural Sleep Aid Oral Strips & Sommeil Travel Wallet
  • Baby Knee Pad
  • Frisomum Milk Powder
  • Cloudstaprint Voucher


Here are the items for Moi… 🙂

IMG_8625And the one item for Sophie now.. hehe.. this new pad socks will definitely come in handy when she starts to crawl. This girl is already trying to flip and she’s starting to sleep in the strangest pose these days. I think the Man would be secretly pleased with this item for its branded Papa’s baby.. aka Daddy’s Girl…

A close-up shot of the items for me.. 🙂

IMG_8626How sweet of the folks to personalise this owl for me and may I add pretty quickly. I’m not a huge owl fan but I know of several who are so if you are looking for a unique gift for a big owl fan, this might just be it. You can customise your very own owl here on the Vaby site.

IMG_8627Pretty pleased with the Lemongrass Tea for it helps to keep me warm. Heading back to work soon, so afternoon tea-time is sorted with a cuppa of Lemongrass Tea for my first day of work. As for the Frisomum Gold, I’m not a fan of milk powder but I know of some mommies who are, so will probably pass this on to them.

IMG_8628Arh.. sleep seems to be a thing of the past these days but having said that, I still do suffer from insomnia occasionally. I’ve been out sick the past couple of days and rest is what my Mom and Sis asked me to do ahead of our trip to Tokyo. Despite me lying on bed, I simply can’t drift off to lala-land. Before Baby, I would sometimes take Melatonin to aid me to sleep. This is rather similar to the pill form of Melatonin except that it comes in the form of an oral strip. I like to keep a stash of Metaltonin around for emergency use.

IMG_8631And the item that I possibly was most excited about! The Chu Chu Nursing Pad! I’ve tried several brands of nursing pads – you name it, from Pigeon, Lanisoh, Phillips Avent, Medela and I’ve only recently loved Lacy Lucy Nursing Pads from Spring Maternity. Besides these brands, I didn’t know what else is available out there and I’m using these nursing pads like by the bulk! So these Chu Chu nursing pads are great! They are lightweight, soft and I love the discreet packaging which allows me to pop a pair in my toiletries bag without worrying about others staring at my contents when my toiletries bag spill open. Best part, they are cheap! S$27.90 for a box of 150 pads! Now, that’s value for money! I’m topping up supplies when I come back from Tokyo! Hehe

So if you are interested to try out products that are best suited for you and your child, you can do so with Vaby Box and sign up as a member. Remember to also like them on Facebook to find out more about their shopping deals. 🙂

Now, I can’t wait to receive my October Vaby Box to see what surprises they have in-store for us!


Note: Lady J’s musings received the Vaby Box for the purpose of this review and no additional monetary rewards were given.  All views expressed are purely of my own and written according to my experience in using the products.

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