Checking out: Craftsmen Specialty Coffee

Had meant to head to Craftsmen Specialty Coffee sooner rather than later with Libby but the rain spoiled our plans just a couple of hours before the meeting. I didn’t want to risk S catching a cold so I postponed the meeting. The Man decided to sleep in one morning and decided to bring us gals out for breakfast again before heading to work. Perfect excuse to check out another new cafe in the hood and I readily suggested Craftsmen Specialty Coffee for it’s super close to where we live plus S hasn’t been in the best of moods the whole week, so I didn’t want her too far away from home if she gets cranky.

IMG_8112We reached Craftsmen Specialty Coffee about 9.30am and the cafe was filled with a couple of people. Thankfully, we managed to share seats with another Mom and her child who was just about to finish their breakfast and leave. We then had the table which was great for we could park our stroller nearby without disturbing the rest of the patrons.

IMG_8113I must say the menu at Craftsmen Specialty Coffee is rather impressive. When they first opened in the hood, reviews about them were rather lukewarm with many sharing that they only have a good coffee menu to boast of while the food was not in existence at all. I guess that’s the initial teething problems they may have had for now, the menu is comprehensive! They have an all-day breakfast menu plus waffles, cakes and Churros! I had my eye on the Gula Melaka Waffles but since it was breakfast, I decided to go with a breakfast sandwich to fill me up instead.

IMG_8118The Man’s choice was a croissant with ham and a side of eggs. To be honest, I didn’t pay attention to what he ordered. Hehe..

IMG_8119As for me, I went with the 3-tier Brioche Sandwich and it was seriously good! Ham, cheese, avocado and eggs tucked in 3 layers of bread. It was the perfect start to the day as I dug in and finished the entire plate. 🙂

Definitely coming back again for those waffles and churros!


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