Pimp my ride

We are kinda waiting for our new ride which hopefully will arrive in November, so for now I get to drive our old car which I have totally taken over and pimped it! Here’s how my Mom Mobile looks like when I bring S out for our outings..

IMG_8110Protecting S from the sun rays, I fixed up the Sophie La Giraffe Sunshade protector.

IMG_8090There have been a couple of instances where I have driven with S wailing in her car-seat. Trust me, it can be very nerve-wrecking to be in the driver’s seat and wondering if she is doing ok. But the Man told me I have to be focused on the road and try to tune out her crying. But itt really takes a lot of effort to do so. So this mirror helps for I get to see if she is ok despite her screams.

IMG_8111My very own bag-changing station that house all the essentials – diapers, wet wipes, plastic bags, cloth book, stroller toy and a stroller fan. You’ll never know when she needs a diaper change and believe me, there have been instances when I have strapped her in her car seat and she takes a huge dump so I need to change her into a clean diaper. With no nursing room in sight or to unload everything and head to the nursing room is simply too much effort, so with this diaper-changing station, this is quite convenient. 🙂

Mom Mobile is somewhat complete! Of course, the Man rolls his eyes when he has to drive the family car on weekends. Hehe..



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