Letter to Sophie X 3

IMG_8370I’m 3 months already… What…

My darling Sophie,

Where did all the time go? Seriously! In a blink of an eye, you are now 3 months old.  Just 3 months ago, you were so teeny-tiny when I held you in my arms. Also, I can’t believe in about 3 weeks time I will be heading back to work.. WAH… just thinking about it makes my heart go all achy-breaky.. I cannot imagine being away from you since we practically spend every waking moment together. :\ Yeah, sometimes  you drive me crazy but in a good crazy kinda way and I don’t want to be away from you.

You are getting a lot more responsive these days.. chatty, in fact. I love how we ‘chit-chat’ every morning after your morning feed and in the noon when you refuse to go to sleep. I love putting you up and we have a convo around nothing and everything. You light up my face with your smiles and I can’t wait to hear you chuckle (soon, I hope).

IMG_8372Sleep also seems like a thing of the past. You constantly fight sleep and it’s amazing how little sleep you can survive on. Shouldn’t babies be sleep like all day long? We try to put you on a schedule, it did work for a while but most days, you just fight and fight sleep. Most of the time, we give up in pure exhaustion so we let you talk to yourself, kick around and then pick you up when you finally cry for attention. Fingers crossed that it works so that we can finally rest. I hope it’s not the dreaded sleep regression that everyone talks about. It’s too soon for that please! Just go and sleep…

IMG_8369On top of playing dress-up with you, did I tell you how much I love looking and staring at you again? Well, I started to dig through my old photos and found that we do look pretty alike in some ways, but you’ve got bigger eyes I think. 🙂 I’m so glad that you are in our lives and especially mine. Daddy’s been really busy so it’s just the two of us for now and it’s been great having you as my little companion.

This is also the month that you fell sick for the first time. Like I said previously, we totally were not expecting you to fall ill so soon but well, Daddy has been sick and probably pass on the germs to you. It pains me to see you cough with all your might in your little body and how hard you’ve been breathing because of a blocked nose. Get well soon Sweetie, else we will have to be stuck at home and may not even go on our holiday. 😦

Speaking of which, packing for you sure is challenging. I only hope the one thousand and one things that I’ve packed is sufficient for you. We will be running out to buy diapers and wet-wipes when we arrive in Tokyo, but as for clothing, please, please make do with what I’ve packed.. hehe.. I’m actually very nervous as to what will happen on the flight there so am crossing my fingers and toes that it will be a smooth ride darlin!

Keep growing my Sweetie pie, stay happy always and I look forward to more adventures with you!

Love you to the Moon and back: Mummy


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