POWer up!

IMG_8320Having a baby helps you to develop super-power skills that you never thought you would possess. I thought that my spidey-senses of smell would dissipate when baby is here but in fact, I acquired more ‘super-power’ skills. Here’s what I now can do:

Supersonic hearing
My ears literally perk up whenever I hear S’s cries even if it’s a whimper. I then dash to her to see if she’s ok. If she’s whinging in her sleep, I try to pat her back to sleep, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Arh well. I’m not a fan of the Cry It Out method. I did try but it’s tough when people just want to rush and pick her up. I’m guilty of that too cos sometimes she wakes up screaming and all I want to do is to cuddle her and make her bad dreams go away.

Doing things at half the speed
Gone are the days where I can take leisure baths and have my meals at my own pace. Showers are taken hastily and meals are gobbled down within minutes so that I can either care for her or if she’s left in her cot, not end up crying.

Balancing act
Yup, I can now carry S and then proceed to carry my heavy diaper bag and sometimes even shopping bags. There goes my back… ouch! Oh and when S falls asleep in my arms, it really takes a lot of effort to slowly put her down without waking her up. Sometimes when you put her down too quickly, her eyes will fly open and the entire routine of rocking/singing starts all over again. This whole song and dance can sometimes take up to 30 minutes or more.. sheesh.. Afternoon naps are sometimes hard because of this entire song-dance routine.

Surviving on little sleep
I really miss my 6-8 hours stretch of sleep. Sleep these days are broken and coupled with supersonic hearing, my eyes fly open when I hear S whimpering or even move. Guess I’m just nervous as a first-time Mom. Thankfully when she does her noon naps, I do manage to steal an hour or two and catch-up on my sleep. I wonder what will happen when I go back to work and still have to do the night feeds.

I guess there’s more to this list but ‘Momnesia’ has also hit me so I guess there are side-effects to these super-powers of mine.


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