Lantern Festival at Gardens by the Bay

L1010195We braved the crowds and brought S to check out the Lantern Festival at Gardens by the Bay. It was the last weekend where the Festival was held and as you can imagine, it was super crowded. I wasn’t too keen for I didn’t know how S would react to huge crowds plus she kinda just got better so I didn’t want to risk her falling ill before our trip. But the Man really wanted to bring her along for he knew that she would love looking at the light displays. She’s a little more observant these days and has a thing for twinkling lights. If you know the Man personally, you will know that he hates crowds.. so it is kinda a big deal for him to bring S along  for him to want to check out this festival.

Parking at Gardens by the Bay was not possible and we circled around trying to get parking. In the end, we managed to get a lot at Marina Bay Sands and walked over to the Gardens to check out the lantern displays.

L1010197Not sure whether to laugh or cry but when we arrived at the Gardens, the little Missy had other plans. She fell asleep in her stroller and took quite the nap as we pushed her around the growing crowds to check out the lights.

L1010198 L1010199 L1010200 L1010201I think we got lucky for we managed to enjoy the spectacular displays on sight with her sleeping happily in her stroller and not caring about what’s going on. I guess we will need to do a better job next year in planning this trip out to check out the Lantern Festival at the Gardens. She will be over 1 year then so she will be able to enjoy the displays more and perhaps holding a battery-operated lantern of her own.

L1010204The obligatory family wefie!! It’s a little blur for we needed to use the night mode of our camera. Time to invest in a selfie stick or selfie camera perhaps? Hmm… idea!



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