Have passport will travel

Before baby, the Man ever said that we will leave her behind when we go on holidays. So when I casually mentioned that I missed going on holidays, he said to pack our bags and just leave the bub behind. Obviously, I was devastated! I thought I could just leave her behind and enjoy the cities that we used to go to, but all that has changed since I started to care for her almost 24/7. I really couldn’t PLUS I was breast-feeding her so to have her not with me might potentially cause my supply to drop and I couldn’t risk that especially since I really would like to try to have her exclusively breast-fed for at least 6 months.

IMG_8176Since my maternity leave was going to come to an end in mid-October, the Man decided that we will take a little short family vacation! Whoopee!! We got Sophie’s passport done first. Actually, we got it done rather hastily and I wasn’t quite expecting her grumpy photo to be accepted by ICA but it did. Arh well, she probably will not be pleased with me next time but for now, it’s a rather cute photo to be cherished by Mummy here. Hehe..

Next, we had to decide on the location. We thought of heading up to Hong Kong for the promise of free baby-sitting services by a friend was simply too good to turn down but some have cautioned that Hong Kong ain’t exactly child-friendly, so we decided on Perth. Tickets were booked and I was all ready to do research on Perth but the Man had a conference to attend in Tokyo prior to our trip. In the end, we decided since we love Tokyo so very much, we should make Sophie’s first ever trip to our fave city instead.

Feeling a little excited and also a little nervous for I will be traveling with Sophie on my own to Tokyo to join the Man who’s going up first. Also, this trip to Tokyo, we will be doing things very differently from what we used to do.. hello to baby/ kid friendly restaurants and places. If you have any family friendly tips to share for Tokyo, please send them along my way. Else, we will be fumbling along and I will be sharing the tips with you. 🙂


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