One Pot Pasta

Some days, I really feel like a mess. I look after Sophie the entire day and have little energy to even do anything else. I wonder how stay-at-home Moms do everything, from caring for the child, looking after the older kids, laundry, housework and cook/bake. I honestly salute them and wonder whether I will be able to do what they do should one day I ever decide not to work.

Stepping into the kitchen and cooking has also taken a backseat, and on the nights when we do dine in over the weekends, I’m glad that the Man’s love for cooking has helped put a decent meal on the table. We need more interesting recipes besides roast chicken and roast beef for him to explore. When my MIL is out on a weeknight, I usually get the helper to whip up pasta with meatballs. This time round, I thought I try a different recipe – One Pot Pasta – for a quick dinner. I need my carbs more than ever these days for I get hungry rather quickly.

IMG_7903The recipe I found online looked fairly simple and I threw all the ingredients into our Dutch Oven and filled it up with water. Turned out I used too much water and the pasta ended up turning soggy while cooking mid-way. The Man rescued our meal by scooping the excess water out once the pasta was done.

IMG_7907Ta-dah.. the final product. Not too pleased with how it turned out for the pasta was a little too soggy for my liking and the overall taste was bland as the cherry tomatoes used were not sufficient enough to bring out the flavour for the dish. I might try it again but will prob throw in a can of diced tomatoes instead of using fresh ones.

Anyone made this dish successfully? If yes, do share what are some of the tips to make this dish a winning one in our home. Thanks in advance! 🙂


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