Sick bubba

Posts around here will slightly be delayed for poor Bubba has taken ill. 😦  Sigh.. As new parents, we’ve kinda been hoping that she will not fall ill so soon and have been dreading the day she falls sick. Didn’t expect it to be that soon! Blame it on the super-bug that’s been going round. Another sigh!

IMG_8187I knew something was off when I heard her cough last week but shrugged it off for it was unusual for babies to have cough since she’s kinda total breast-fed. Then on Saturday, after her usual late morning nap, while nursing her, I felt something amiss. She was feeling so warm and went right off to sleep after nursing. That was rather unusual for it was always quite difficult to put her for her second nap straight after nursing. Something was clearly not right and she was lethargic. Alarm bells rang and I told the Man that we should try and get her to the doctor.

Unfortunately for us, most pediatricians and clinics were closed on Saturday evening. We contemplated going to the A&E at KK Hospital but decided against it as we heard the queues can be up to 3 hours. So we did a quick search and thankfully, Siglap Family Clinic is opened on Saturday from 6 to 8pm. We quickly got the bub ready and headed to the clinic to get the doctor to check on her condition.

IMG_8188My poor lethargic baby 😦

Loads of cuddles and care to be showered for lil Missy this week. The both of us are going to be at home the entire week to battle this bout of illness that she’s just gotta go through. One thing I learned from this is to trust my maternal instincts and insist that she go and see a doctor when she was not well the first place. Arh well, things we learn along the way.

IMG_8075Get well soon Bubba!

The photo above totally describes how the Bub is feeling right now – under the weather- although I have to add that she was fine when this pic was taken.


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