What’s in my diaper bag?

Before I was preggers, I had wanted to get a cool diaper bag from either Kate Spade or Coach. During our travels to the US and visits to the awesome factory outlet stores where bargains for these items are oh-so-irresistible, I ended up refraining for buying one. I didn’t know if I would end up the diaper bag for friends have warned that these fancy items are sometimes really not practical and not necessary.

Our trip to New York last October, we already knew we were pregnant and while shopping, I couldn’t help but check out diaper bags. As we didn’t know the gender of the baby then, we didn’t really dare to splurge or buy unnecessarily. In the end, at the Le Sports Sac factory outlet store, I decided to get this functional diaper bag which cost under US$50. There were a total of 3 bags that went on sale at the factory outlet store, one was black, the other had too many floral prints and this one which I figured could go well if the baby turned out to be either a boy or a girl. I guess I’m glad we have a baby girl for this bag is way too pink! Hehe..

IMG_8104Towards the tail-end of my pregnancy, I obviously got bored of sitting around and not being able to shop for myself because of the bulging belly. So what did I do? I ended up surfing online and buying random stuff. One fine day, I decided that I wanted a diaper bag that is a back pack rather than a sling one for I wanted to keep my hands free when carrying baby. So based on a recommendation from new mommy S, I ended up checking out Petunia Pickle Bottom namely the Boxy Backpack that has duo-function.


The brand so happened to have a clearance sale then and I ended up getting the above diaper bag. Loved the bright cheery print on the bag and the number of pockets the bag had, but the bag was pretty heavy without putting any stuff in it. So I left this aside and eventually sold it off for I doubt it would be put to any good use sitting in the cupboard and taking up space.

After a good 2 months odd of bringing Sophie out, I think I have enough of chunky and heavy diaper bags. I was also fed up with using random bags and the Man’s boxy backpack. So, I decided to get my very own backpack with the criteria that it has to be light. This Marc by Marc Jacobs backpack was on the top of my list for my cousin used it as well and it looked like it could fit a lot of stuff. Plus, despite itĀ  being so floral, it does look pretty cool!


Here’s what in my diaper bag:

IMG_8098Yup, loads of bags within a big bag for I like to be organised. šŸ™‚ The umbrella is in the bag because one day I so happened to bring S to Paragon and had my car parked at Takashimaya and guess what? It poured and we were stuck at Paragon for a good 45 minutes to an hour. So after that incident, I decided to just pop my brolly in the bag for our unpredictable weather.

IMG_8099This cloth wet bag is a gift from my cousin and in it, I like to bring along a light blanket. The Aden and Anais swaddles are great as a stroller blanket or to cover the stroller to shield S from the light when she falls asleep. The pink starry muslin cloth is also a gift from the cousin. It’s super lightweight and great for our weather, so I rotate this with the Aden and Anais swaddles occasionally. I also bring along a bib to clean S’s drool. This floral bib is a gift from new mommy friend, Z.

IMG_8100My second wet bag has a lot more items because it’s a little roomier. A spare change of clothes for S (in case of any major poo/ pee incidents), a sweater if it gets too cold in air-conditioned places, Babyganics hand sanitiser, tissue paper and pacifier wipes. Not pictured here is a pacifier that we bring along in case S gets cranky when she heads out with us.

IMG_8101As I am nursing S exclusively, so I have to bring along a nursing cover. Have a total of 3 including the above one from Bebe Au Lait which is my fave as the neckline allowed me to nurse S comfortably when we are out with minimal fuss. 1 of the nursing cover was a free gift and it was really too hot to nurse S in. The other one that I got from Joy Luck Club Maternity was lightweight and provided cover for the back but I struggled to see what S was doing as the view in front was rather limited. IMG_8102Portable diaper changing station from Skip Hop – a gift from J. This handy device is really perfect for us on-the-go for it fits almost all of S’s diapering essentials in just one nifty bag – diapers, wet wipes in that red wipes case and Sophie La Giraffe Protection Cream (that doubles up as diaper cream). The changing mat is also very useful for I prefer to place S on this mat when we change her in the nursing rooms instead of just placing her on the diaper changing station.IMG_8103Last but not least, am also adding this nappy/diaper bag dispenser along in my diaper bag. This is a gift from my cousin and it’s like she read my mind! Had to change S out on-the-go and didn’t know where I should throw her diaper. Thankfully, she whipped out this device and popped out a mini plastic bag for me throw her dirty diaper. Phew! Major mess crisis adverted, else I would have held the dirty diaper in my hand and search for a bin.

There you have it, what I bring along in my diaper bag. Very soon, I will need to pop in a couple of toys to keep S occupied when we are out. Also, I am nursing S exclusively so there’s no need for milk bottles, thermos flask for hot water and milk powder. But if the Man or any other caregiver were to bring S out on their own without me as the milk source, then they would have to put all the above-mentioned items in the bag while making sure that the breast-milk is properly stored for it’s really delicate to handle and the last thing we really want is to feed spoiled milk to S. :/

As a first time Mom, I would love to know if there is anything else useful I should add in my diaper bag, so feel free to leave a comment. šŸ™‚


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