Lightning speed

Our home before the arrival of S has not been child-friendly. When we moved in a few years back, we did the decor our way and figured that if a baby does arrive after that, we will just make him/ her fit into our living arrangements.

So prior to S’s arrival, we contemplated where we should place her. Initially, we were obsessed with sleep-training and wanted to keep her sleeping area separate from ours. Well, we now know how that turned out. It was really hard because the only free room we had been the guest room and that’s on the second floor. Nursing and caring for her would be tough on me in the wee hours of the morning, climbing up and down the stairs. Plus the guest room is next to my MIL’s room so we didn’t want to interrupt her for she’s a light sleeper and S can be quite a screamer. As such, we decided to move her crib and place her in our room.

The first couple of nights were tough for I had to maneuver changing S and feeding her in the dark. Switching on the lights in our room may disturb the Man who needed his sleep as his job needed his full concentration, so what was I to do?

I decided to get some night lights to be placed in strategic corners of the room. One of these night lights that I got was pretty useful so I would like to share them with you. The Phillips Night Light goes on when there is motion detected and then goes off after a while. Initially, I was rather irritated as I placed this small device inside S’s crib and when her hands flailed, it would automatically light up as it detected motion. To combat this, what I did was to ‘deactivate’ the motion sensor by placing a toy on the motion sensor portion. And when I needed some light to change S at night, I simply removed the toy from the sensor. This device has proven to be useful and if you are in a similar situation as me, you can consider in getting this night-light which ain’t too expensive either.

Super love this design that I managed to find and get for her. The rest of the designs from this range are the Mickey and Minnie Mouse design which I didn’t quite like for I found the design to be a little cumbersome. This Winnie the Pooh night-light is great for the design is circular and it’s easy to grab and place wherever light is needed.


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