Checking out: Coast and Company

I’ve been itching to check out new cafes that have sprung up all across our tiny island but with a baby on hand, it’s hard to do so and like I said previously, we are practically joined to the hip (ie: the baby follows the mother ‘cow’) so checking out new places has taken a back seat.

IMG_7891Thankfully, one morning, the Man had a late start to his day, so I bugged him to bring us all to check out Coast and Company which was rather close to home. Parking is rather limited around this hood where Coast and Company is located so I suggest either take public transport or go real early to secure a good parking spot. Oh and most of the spots around the area are parallel parking and rather tight so you might wish to take note and bring along someone who can help with the parking if needed.

IMG_7877Got stroller will travel

This baby industry is a money-making one for first-time parents like us! Sheesh.. we practically fell into its trap. Our Quinny stroller which we got at a deal at the baby fair was simply too heavy for me to handle on my own, so we decided to get the Babyzen Yoyo for those outings with my little girl. It’s much easier to handle on my own and did I mention, it’s PINK!! Super love her little ride. 🙂

IMG_7878The cafe is rather small with limited seating so we are really glad that we managed to check it out with baby in tow on a weekday morning where it’s relatively quiet and slow. There were about 4 other tables all occupied when we were there at about 11am. We managed to find a spot large enough to park the stroller and comfy enough for us to enjoy our breakfast. Sophie fell asleep in her stroller shortly as it was time for her morning nap. Do note, I don’t think the place is baby-friendly so if you wish to check it out with your little bub, you may wish to do it on weekday mornings where human traffic is a lot kinder to you.

IMG_7881Much needed caffeine! As I’m breast-feeding Sophie, caffeine and alcohol has to be regulated so every cuppa caffeine that I take has to be good otherwise it’s a plain waste of calories or my caffeine quota for the day.

IMG_7884I was seriously famished so I told the Man to order up more dishes so that I can have a fuller meal and have a smaller lunch. The Chapalang Salad was a mix of salad greens with bak kwa and dried baby shrimp. As strange as it may sound, I actually enjoyed the salad a lot. The dressing had a tinge of sesame in it and it was creamy good with all these dried meats and shrimps tossed in it. I practically polished the entire plate off. Hehe…

IMG_7885The Man’s order of Egg Croissant which was also really good. The creamy eggy bits with some cheese on a crusty croissant made for a good start to the day. This dish also came with a sizeable portion of salad so if you are having this, you may wish to skip the Chapalang Salad if you find that too much greens is not your cuppa tea.

IMG_7888Guess what I went for? This super decadent Almond Peanut Butter Toast with hand-made peanut butter, almonds and honey drizzled upon a thick toast. The Man almost fainted at the sight of the thick peanut butter. We shared half of this but he struggled with his portion as he found it too sweet. For me, the first few bites were enjoyable but like him, I did struggle to finish the last couple of pieces for it was really too sweet. So, if you do not have a sweet tooth, you may wish to skip this or alternatively, bring a bunch of friends and simply share this with them. Spread the love and calories!

IMG_7892This was a lovely find in the hood and I really want to come back again and try the Rendang Hot Dog and Sour Cream Cheese Toast. Next time perhaps if the Man is taking a lazy morning off from work to spend time with his girls.

Coast and Company
Address: 54 Siglap Drive, Singapore 456176

Telephone: +65 64487608
Opening Hours:
10am to 7pm (Tues – Fri), 9am to 10pm (Sat & Sun), Closed Mon


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