Sleep… what’s that?

IMG_7842We are currently at the tail-end of Mental Leap 2 according to the Wonder Weeks App. Boy is it tough! S hasn’t been sleeping very well the past couple of days and gone are her 1-2 hour naps. She has also become a little cranky, wanting to be rocked most of the time and when she finally drifts off to slumberland and we put her down, her eyes spring wide open and the cycle continues again. Nurse and if I’m lucky, she falls to sleep or nurse, rock, sleep and then eyes wide open. This cycle can take about an hour and it’s really tiring to be on repeat mode for this.

These mental leaps are really challenging and the duration of the leaps (ie: the number of days) will increase as the baby grows older. Yikes.. definitely not looking forward to it. Guess I will just have to suck it up when that time comes.

Having said that, S has been more expressive these days and some days when I feel like pulling my hair making her sleep and she simply refuse to, we have these mother-and-daughter convos, usually with me tugging her little arms to the tune of Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes. Just the other day, she dished out this super sweet smile at me when I was singing to her and the smiles plus cooing just kept coming. As my phone is always within reach, Mamarazzi here just snapped a couple of pics for keepsake.

IMG_7725My heart just melted into a puddle of goo just looking at this pic and when I shared this with the Man and most of our dear friends, they felt the same way too… Awww…

IMG_7656In other news, the Mummy-and-Daughter duo continues to gallivant all across town. It’s been rather fun bringing her along and catching up with friends or making new ones that I haven’t seen. I often arrange to meet friends during her nap time and sometimes she does her epic naps. Sometimes she fusses, so thankfully the friends who are mummies are rather understanding to my predicament.

IMG_7708Okay, finally managed to put her down for her long over-due nap and it’s time for me to catch up on my zzzzs as well. I will definitely miss these nap-times when I head back to work man. I guess will have to rely on caffeine when that happens.

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