Building a storage..

It’s been about 2 months since I embarked on breast-feeding. Although it started off with a wee bit of a challenge initially but it has largely been rewarding. I think I especially enjoy the bonding time I have with Sophie through breast-feeding and how she sometimes fall asleep at the boob after she has her fill. I’m also starting to build a supply of breast-milk in preparation of me heading back to work as we intend to try to exclusively breast-feed for at least the first 6 months of her life.

I tend to be adventurous when it comes to shopping. Or perhaps it’s just my shopaholic character, the need to just buy something. So guess what I did? As this whole breast-feeding thing is like entirely new to me, I went round asking friends the brands of breast-milk storage bags they used. Obviously, different people have different preferences and after listening to them, I went round buying different brands of breast-milk storage bags in the market just to try it out. Thought I’d share my experience of some of the brands that I use and what works for me for first-time moms who might be in the same situation as me.

Here are the brands that I’ve got:

IMG_7755From left to right:

  1. Boots Breastmilk Storage Bags: This was gifted by my sis who shared that you can get it from Boots Bangkok at 150baht for a box of 40 bags. That’s really cheap as it works out to be approximately under S$0.20 per piece.
  2. Medela Pump and Save bags: As I’m currently using the Medela pump, I thought if I were to get the Medela Pump and Save breast-milk storage bags, it would save me time from pumping the milk into a bottle and then transferring into the bag as these bags come with the connector that’s compatible only for Medela pumps. Be warned, these don’t come cheap. For a bag of 50 bags, I think I paid about $35 for them (that’s $0.70 a piece!). I have yet to open them to use as I feel that they are so precious because of the high cost. On top of that, I now think it’s better pumping the milk into a separate container and then transferring them into the bag. I mean what if the milk in the boobs ain’t much, then the bag would kinda go to waste if it’s not filled. So I’m really saving these bags for a rainy day before I start using them.
  3. Pigeon Breastmilk Storage Bags: These are retailing at S$15.90 for a bag of 25 pieces and are readily available in most department stores. You could also wait when there are sales to stock up on the item if needed. A friend recommended the brand as she said it was cheap and good. Now that I’ve gone out to purchase other brands I don’t exactly think it’s cheap and good. Nevertheless, I do like the simple design on the bag and the measurement for the storage of the milk has so far been accurate.
  4. Lanisoh Breastmilk Storage Bags: I got these off iHerb because some of my friends have been using these and shared that it’s rather good. As I’m a ‘sucker’ for pretty things, I thought the floral design on the bag is rather cute as well. I recently used some of these bags for storage and felt that they weren’t as good as the others that I have used. Somehow the plastic material feels way thinner that the other above-mentioned brands. I had to handle the packet with care as I stored it into my freezer. I hope when thawing the milk, we wouldn’t need to handle it with utmost care. If the packet breaks during the thawing process, I will seriously break into tears if my milk goes to waste!

Now that I’ve tried all these brands, which is the one brand that I will stick with?

IMG_7757Am going to stick with the bags from Boots! I like that they have the different fields for the data input and how affordable they are for a bag of 40 pieces. The only thing I don’t quite like about the bag is that you need to measure exactly the milk from your bottle before transferring to the bag as the quantity indicator marker on the bag is not quite accurate. I’ve poured milk directly into the bag thinking that it’s 120ml but it turned out to be only 80ml when we thawed it and transferred into our feeding bottle.

If there are other brands of breast-milk storage bags that you have tried and highly recommend, do share them with me. Like I shared, I hope to continue on this breast-feeding journey so building a storage is what I will be concentrating on doing for now before returning to work.

One thought on “Building a storage..

  1. Mag says:

    Am using the Boots storage bags too! A girlfriend got it from Bangkok for me. Do you know of anyone else going over soon? I’ll check on my end too. We can pool orders!

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