The Man vs the Bottle

Bottle-feeding… during the very one class of parenting that we went, the teacher there shared that it’s best not to introduce the bottle to the infant if we were intending to breast-feed during the first month. If we intended to feed the infant with the expressed breast-milk then it’s best to either feed the milk with the syringe or using a spoon. This is to minimise nipple confusion for the newborn.

Well, we tried both the syringe and the spoon method but it was pretty messy for milk kept spilling all over Sophie and the syringe kept hitting the gums and we thought it posed a threat. Additionally, the confinement lady who was responsible for the night feeds wasn’t too pleased with our alternative methods of feeding and wanted us to introduce the bottle pronto. So in view of all the factors, I took out my only bottle – Pigeon PP Bottle – and passed it to her, praying and hoping that it would not cause any nipple confusion. If it did, we were going to switch back to the alternative methods of feeding.

We’ve also gone ahead to implement this ‘rule’ where the rest of the care-givers could bottle-feed her but when it comes to me, it will have to be exclusive latching. This arrangement worked pretty well and the Man really enjoyed the bottle-feed sessions with S where he could bond with her for an hour odd in the day.

However, the past couple of nights during the bottle-feed sessions, it has been quite a struggle. Little Missy has been gulping down her milk resulting in loads of spillage, some choking and a whole lot of fussing plus crying. The Man, on the other had, became frustrated with the whole feeding session and it was just heart-breaking to see both of them struggling through the feed with one being hungry and the other being angry because he’s helpless.

IMG_7414Not a happy camper!

We’ve tried different teats and bottles that left the little Missy a little confused and flustered throughout the whole session. In the end, I had to cuddle her and nurse her proper before she drifted into slumberland. After the past couple of incidents, we decided that perhaps it’s time to upgrade her to the next teat size from her fave brand and hopefully, she wouldn’t fuss. Else, I will have to activate Plan B and get her a new bottle. Any recommendations on brands to consider if that were to happen? We are using Pigeon and have tried Medela teats and Chu Chu teats.

6 thoughts on “The Man vs the Bottle

  1. csary says:

    Hi, i am using pigeon too. can try upgrading the teats or check the teats. My lil one had the same problem at times and it happen that the teats were torn from the frequent washing. So far only used pigeon so can’t help u with other brands suggestions. But I heard MAM is good.

    • Lady J says:

      Yeah, we upgraded the teat and even though she struggled initially with the teat, she managed to finish some of the milk. I also heard MAM is good.. so that’s an option if she really fusses again. Thanks!

      • csary says:

        They tend to have milk strike at certain months. Caden started the milk strike at 4 months. 1 bottle of milk can take him 1 hour to finish. The pd say its ok just let them drink how much they like.

        • Lady J says:

          Arh this is good to know. I think she’s kinda having a milk strike.. fussing a lot with the bottle.. but I’m sure it’s a phase and it will pass. Fingers crossed..

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