Turning 100…

IMG_7594We had the pleasure over the weekend to celebrate a very special birthday to ‘Great Grandma’ T together with our little one in tow. Last year, we celebrated her 99th and it was really special for we hadn’t expected to be invited to their home. Our paths crossed again when Mdm O called me last Saturday to invite me to her mom’s 100th birthday celebration. I spoke a little to her and shared with her that we now have a baby since the year has passed, she was so happy for us and I remembered how as we left her home, her Mom and her gave us a special blessing when we shared that we were trying very hard to conceive a child.

IMG_7601I believe that God works in mysterious ways and perhaps he sent these special ladies into our lives. Their prayers together with a birthday wish to God must have worked for after a month later, Sophie was conceived. šŸ™‚

IMG_7606So, visiting them was a special occasion and we brought Sophie along for we knew deep down inside, they would be genuinely happy for us and they were. They also joked that Missy is aged 0 and she gets to meet ‘Great Grandma T’ who will be turning 100 in a couple of days time. How very special indeed!

IMG_7607We didn’t know what to get for the birthday dame so we decided to make a little celebration out of the visit bearing a small bouquet of flowers with a cake for tea. The hosts, on the other hand, brought out their finest silver-ware and china and served us a lovely cuppa of tea that we enjoyed with our cake. It was a different kind of afternoon spent as we walked down memory lane with the birthday dame as she gave us a glimpse of her life during her sharing. We found out how she calls a particular official by his first name, how amusing indeed.

IMG_7608Blessed birthday to this special lady and I hope that all of us will be invited to your home again next year to add another candle on your cake. šŸ™‚


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