Letter to Sophie x 2


My dear baby girl,

Almost can’t believe that 2 months have just passed us by. I still recall vividly when you just turned 1 month, how I was fretting how I was goin to survive the night feeds, the inconsolable wails and how to make you happy when you are cranky.

Thankfully, each day is a new lesson learned. If you don’t wish to sleep, I will just try my best to make you and then give up in sheer exhaustion. After all, when you are very tired, you will simply drift off to slumberland. The times that you have fussed have also left us dumb-founded but lots of cuddles and hugs did help so I will continue to cuddle and hug you now that I have all the chance in the world before you finally reject me when you are much older.

I’m also really happy that the both of us have been heading out on our very own mother-and-daughter adventures. Well, I drag you out mostly because I’m your main food source but it’s been fun right? The meeting of new baby pals and aunties plus the dressing up. Yes, Mummy here is having loads of fun dolling you up now that you have ‘filled’ up. Growing well my dear and again, Mummy’s wish is for you to be happy and healthy. 😉


You are also a lot more expressive now with your cooing and ahhing that often leave us chuckling when you react to what we say. Keep it up my dear and we honestly can’t wait for you to hit more milestones. I only hope I will be there to witness it and am already dreading the time that I have to be apart from you in under 2 months time. ;( But for now, I will cherish all the time that I can spending it to the fullest with you in our little family of 4. Speaking of which, poor Sparky feels a little neglected for I can’t readily dish out hugs for I’m caring for you exclusively for now. So when you’re a little older, we definitely need to make it up to him.



PS: We are getting better with these shots.. just wished lighting was better!

Love you with all of my heart: Mummy

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