IMG_7488Missy has just turned 8 weeks and I can’t believe that half of my maternity leave is gone. Every day spent with this little gal is so precious! Yup, even the curve-balls that she throws at me. You know I always thought I could be one of those cool moms who could leave the little one at home and head out to do my own thing. I’ve seen many of my mommy girlfriends do that and I tell myself, I’m going to be just like them when I have a kiddo on my own. But when push comes to shove, I really couldn’t. I didn’t want to be away from S for a long period of time (anything that’s beyond 4 hours max). Yikes.. never thought I would be so overwhelmed with emotions that motherhood throws at me.

At 8 weeks, the little one is quite a charming bub to be around. She’s more responsive and alert. She’s currently undergoing her second mental leap according to The Wonder Weeks app (thanks E for the rec). The second mental leap is a long one (all of 12-14 days) and rather challenging. To survive this, I just gotta be patient and dish out loads of hugs and cuddles for the little one. She also appears to be in a sleep regression on some days, so whenever she drifts off to dreamland, I rejoice but that moment might be short-lived because the moment I put her down, her eyes will spring wide-open as if to say “Hello, I prefer to be carried.” Oh well, let’s see how we will fare on this. Speaking of sleep, I do miss my 8 hour stretch of beauty sleep and wonder when I will be able to see that day.


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