Slowly but surely #2

Bringing a baby out on one’s own may not seem like a big deal to some but for a first-time Mom like me, it sure is a big deal. Sorting out the logistics and trying to follow closely to S’s schedule. If I’m driving, then I gotta plan the route, make sure that she’s well-fed so that she won’t wail inconsolably alone at the back-seat while I tune out her crying as white noise. After all that’s done, I’ve gotta figure out where to meet the friends (preferably some place baby-friendly with lifts and restaurants that can accommodate the huge strollers and not cause stares), whether the place we are meeting has nursing rooms or areas and to also consider the length of time that I will be out with S alone before whisking her home for her afternoon nap. Yup, a logistical nightmare but kinda fulfilling if I manage to tick majority of the boxes. 🙂

Last week feels like a rather eventful week with me taking baby-steps (literally) to bring S out on my own. Yup, all by myself! Beams and pats myself for a job well-done.

Outing #1
Met up with the pal, Min on Tuesday for a ‘dry-run’. This gal has been very kind and offered to pick me and S for lunch. While offering advice on motherhood, she also helped to carry my bags while I struggled to keep a wailing S calm in the baby carrier. Lunch was settled over dim sum with me carrying S throughout the meal but at least she slept in my arms and we managed to get some girlie chat done. Am always grateful for this dear galfriend who’s always been there for me through these years. She did take some pictures of the eventful outing but my outfit was all wrong for it looked like my boobies were bursting out of my top. Speaking of which, I really want to get some decent nursing wear without it looking too frumpy. Any recommendations?

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 presetOuting #2
Finally met up with Libby from The Little Bow Girl in person with our little Sophies’ in tow for a quick coffee date around the hood. Am pleased to make another new mummy friend and it’s actually kinda cute that our girls both have the same name. That’s darling Sophie Rose with her bunny pal Vivi.

This outing was slightly different from the first. As the venue was pretty near home, I attempted to push S in her stroller. Even though I had fed S about 30 minutes earlier, she was not a happy camper in the stroller. I arrived at the coffee place disheveled with a wailing baby. At that point in time, I wished the earth will just eat me up as I was conscious and felt that customers were giving me the death-stare. Thankfully, I managed to calm the little one down before Libby’s arrival for I was really just all over the place.

IMG_7354S also managed to nap a little while the chic Mummy had to entertain her little bub who is such a darling at this social outing, just sitting there and playing with her toy while we managed to squeeze in a decent conversation. Was super impressed with this chic Mummy who always look so effortlessly stylish together with her darling girl. They make quite a formidable stylish duo to watch out for. 🙂 IMG_7362[Photo credit: The Little Bow Girl]

See what I mean.  🙂 I, on the other hand, was just glad I threw on a decent dress (that was so not made for nursing – Big Mistake). I couldn’t even manage to put on any form of make-up and perhaps it was good thing I didn’t for it would have just melted away when I got all frazzled with screaming baby.

IMG_7361Oh and did I mention that this young lady is also quite the Mumpreneur? She’s the brains behind The Little Bow Company and I am super pleased with the Binky Clip (ie: pacifier clip) that I ordered from her.

Outing #3
Now, this final outing for the week was quite the riot. 4 moms meeting up with 3 strollers and 1 baby carrier. We definitely caused quite the stir when we pushed our prams around the mall.

IMG_7385Getting S ready for the outing. She kinda fell asleep before I picked her up and put her into her car seat. She stirred a little, cried a little but managed to fall back into sleep while I struggled to fix her into her stroller upon arriving at Marina Square. Must say that Marina Square is quite a decent mall to hang out in. It’s got ample parking and if you want to push your stroller into the lift, make sure you park your car in the Green Zone where the lifts are. The Green Zone is also where majority of the restaurants are. They also have a nursing room that looks a tad bit old and in need of a re-lift but still decent enough to be used.

IMG_7386Highlight of this outing definitely has to be meeting these special ladies who have been really kind in sharing their tips on motherhood. It’s nice to have mummy friends to ask advice and especially nice since all our kiddos are around the same age (a couple of months apart).

IMG_7387[Photo credit: Miss Ene]

Us at Hans scoffing down our meal in a hurry while tending to our respective little ones and getting them to quieten down.

IMG_7388See what I mean about being quite the sight? We have to ensure that we have sufficient space at Killiney Kopi Tiam to ‘park’ our strollers comfortably without annoying other people.

IMG_7389[Photo credit: Miss Ene]

Another highlight of the outing besides that convo? Caffeine! Yes, give me my iced Teh Si please! 🙂

IMG_7390[Photo credit: Miss Ene]

And yes, this did happen! 4 sleeping babies allowing their mothers to enjoy their cuppa. 🙂

As I said earlier, this has been a rather eventful week for me and I’m really glad to have taken baby steps with the Bub to head out and slowly regain a semblance of a social life. Looking forward to the next week and what’s to come for us both.


2 thoughts on “Slowly but surely #2

  1. libbyty says:

    Aww J you really over-flatter me ! I was definitely more flustered than you were at brunch – in fact, you were a real pro at feeding Sophie under the nursing cover and keeping her so calm 🙂 And if that was you without makeup, I don’t think you need much – you were glowing ! I had so much fun, we need to do this again soon !

  2. csary says:

    Cool mummy..its not easy bringing baby out alone. To be honest u haven brought baby alone. Usually either my mum or hubby will be with me.

    You look great without makeup. You have the new mummy glow! And u slim down really fast!

    On nursing wear its good to get some nursing camisole. It goes well with a cardigan. Easy combi. When you go back to work, its easy for pumping too.

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