Mambo Jumbo 2014

The Man is out dancing the night away with the pals at what could possibly be Zouk’s last Mambo Jumbo before it closes it’s doors or relocates somewhere else. I was asked to go along and claim my place at the podium but I decided to hang my dancing shoes instead, traded them for midnight feeds where I can scoop S and hum my fave Mambo Jumbo tunes in my head while nursing her.

Never thought I would be on this side of the fence. It would be a blast relieving those memories for I spent far too many nights boogie-ing the night away at Mambo Jumbo when I turned 18.

I will not forget that my cousin is the first person who brought me partying at Mambo Jumbo, how I stood in line to get my stamp into Zouk every Wednesday night before knowing a bouncer and fast-tracking the queue thereafter, how I drank countless of Long Island Teas, those people I had to push and shove in order to get to the podium, those great big hand movements that go with every line in the song and lastly, those hot dogs that I ate after a good night out of dancing.

I had some good memories, in fact, at least a decade of memories made at Mambo Jumbo nights. So even though I can’t physically be there to dance to ‘Summer Rain’, I will hold on dearly to those memories that were spent there instead.


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