This is a story of having way too many carriers.

Before Baby:
I’ve always enjoyed a sense of freedom so when Sophie came along, I had in my mind all these dates that I will be having with friends with her in tow. Us, mother-and-daughter tag team will roam the streets with her main mode of transportation – a baby carrier.

Before Sophie came along, I was gifted the Ergobaby Original Baby Carrier in Galaxy Grey. Loved the design and after the whole debacle between the Baby Bjorn and the Ergobaby,  I was sort of convinced that the Ergobaby was better. Plus the carrier came with an infant insert so that meant I could use it almost immediately once I finish my confinement and could officially go out.

A friend also gifted us with the i-angel hipseat carrier which we will be able to use when she’s much older. So I thought with 2 carriers, I should be okay to head out.

After Baby:
6 weeks on, I only ventured out with Sophie when the Man is around. Most of the time, I usually just head out for errands or spend time at home or with my mom. Even with the little freedom I got, I really craved to bring Sophie out. Loads of friends wanting to meet her and even though she can’t quite play yet, little ones around her age to meet. Plus it’s so hot being at home, being out in a mall with the air-con might be better for the both of us.

I finally plucked the courage to take the Ergobaby carrier out from its box and tried it on Sophie one evening. The Man and I found it difficult to fix the carrier.. it had too many clips in places that my hands/ fingers couldn’t quite reach. Then came the infant insert that looked super hot for Sophie to be in. Nevertheless, we tried putting Sophie in the infant insert and test-drove the Ergo one evening. Sophie didn’t look too pleased to be strapped in the infant insert and then into the carrier. We didn’t make it very far from our air-conditioned room.

Desperate to head out along with Sophie, I turned to other means. In came the Boba Wrap which looked super comfy and reminded me of the good ol’ sarong days of baby-wearing. So I went online and placed an order for the Boba because I was too lazy to head out to actually give it a try with Sophie. The Boba Wrap was delivered within a day and I watched videos on You Tube on how to master the wrap as well as the newborn hold. Brought Sophie to try it and she screamed murder when I placed her into the Boba. After 2 tries, I decided that it was too stressful for the both of us and declared this as a ‘silly’ purchase on my part.

What did I do to the Boba? I tried to sell it for half-price online but there were no takers. Over the weekend, after watching videos on how to wrap the Boba for the umpteenth time, I summoned courage again to try the Boba on Sophie. This time round, she was a little more co-operative. I suspect it’s because she’s been happily fed. Even though she fussed a little in the Boba, after walking around the home, she fell asleep shortly in the wrap! Hooray for me!! IMG_7303So I’m keeping the Boba for now and will adopt the mantra ‘Keep calm and keep tying’. I guess practice makes perfect and if I keep on practicing the tying techniques and putting Sophie in the Boba at least once a day, eventually, she will get used to it. The only thing I don’t quite like about the Boba? The material is a little too hot for Sophie to be in for a pro-longed period. This little girl is really scared of the heat.

Remember I promised you a funny story previously? Well, after my failed attempt to get Sophie into the Boba, I did give up. I felt frustrated with all these carriers out in the market. There were too many out there – the Manduca, the Beco, etc… I wanted one that I could use now with these criteria now:
a) No need for infant insert
b) Ease of use – don’t want too many clips and what-nots
c) The material will need to be cool for Sophie to be in since our climate is such a killer
d) Hopefully not too expensive

After doing some research and asking around what kind of carriers friends used, I decided to check out Baby Bjorn because it fulfilled my criteria of (a), (b) and (c). I wanted to loan the Baby Bjorn from a friend before going to buy one but unfortunately that didn’t work out. So I headed to the nearest Mothercare store to take a look at the carriers available. We tried the Baby Bjorn Carrier Miracle but the price was a little hefty and I wasn’t willing to pay for something that Sophie may end up rejecting. I went home with no baby carrier that day.

That afternoon, while surfing on the Mothercare Facebook page, I found out that the Baby Bjorn Carrier Active was going for S$149 – S$179 at Mothercare (usual price S$229) as the model was going to be discontinued and they were clearing the stocks for it. I managed to hunt down the remaining stocks for this particular model and asked for it to be reserved. The next day, I brought Sophie down to try the Baby Bjorn Carrier Active and it turned out pretty ok. Sophie didn’t scream murder in the carrier, it was easy to use (I could totally put Sophie in the carrier on my own) and the carrier is made of mesh which is perfect for our weather. The cons? Granted that I don’t get maximum support for my back unlike the other models from Baby Bjorn, but it fulfilled my needs for now. Plus I figured when she gets a little bigger, I could always use the other carriers I have on-hand and I will pass this to the Man who’s a lot stronger and will be able to handle Sophie in this.

IMG_7240 Ta-dah, bringing Sophie out for a walk in the Baby Bjorn Carrier Active. As the price has been slashed so I don’t get to choose the colour for this. It would be great if I could have the carrier in silver / white mesh but arh well, this white one looked pretty ok as well. I have a couple of meet-ups happening this week and will be bringing Sophie along. Let’s see how she will fare in the carrier when I head out.. fingers crossed for this nervous mummy!

So this is a story on the case of having too many baby carriers, one which was unnecessary if I had done more research and asked around for advice. Well, since that cannot be undone. I just hope that I do make full use of them for they don’t come cheap!



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  1. Alicia says:

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