Slowly but surely #1

IMG_71576 weeks have passed and I spend most of my days at home with a couple of hours ‘stolen’ in the day to run errands and meet friends. Twice a week, I get to spend at my mom’s place which gives me some time to bond with my mom and for Sophie to spend time with her grandma, grandpa, aunts and cousins. It’s quite a riot when all of us are at home on Sundays with the boys running around and my sisters fussing over all the little ones. It kinda reminds me of the time when I was much younger and Sundays are spent exactly the same at my grandfather’s place with all my cousins and aunts. Us cousins will be playing while the adults play mahjong outside. Those were some cherished memories I had of my childhood and I really hope Sophie will get to enjoy it as well with her cousins.

I have to say the initial part of motherhood, I was a control freak (actually I still am). I wanted to do everything within my control to care for Sophie 24/7. Obviously, that didn’t quite turn out the way I expected. I’ve since learned to slowly let go…while it’s still hard on my part but it’s important to let others care for the little one once in a while. So the Man told me to go out and I did. A couple of hours within the day to run errands or to meet up with friends. It was hard initially, I was constantly looking at the clock, worried that if I were to go back late, the little one would starve. Well, she didn’t miss me much (at this point) and the caregivers could always bottle-feed her till I’m back. So that worked out pretty well.

I’m now a fan of ‘Celebrate small successes…’ so, in a bid for me to get out more often, I decided to take baby steps. Friends have been really sweet, calling upon and checking if I’m either ready to take guests or venture out with the little one. Well, I decided perhaps it’s time to do the latter. After all, I shouldn’t spend my entire maternity leave cooped up at home. It will do me some good to head out for some fresh air and better yet, get a little bit of my social life back on track. I’m also looking forward to girlie meet-ups with babies in tow so that should be fun for both me and Sophie (even though at this point in time, she really can’t do much).

IMG_7224Ta-dah, here we have me bringing Sophie in her car-seat all on my own! Well, granted that my mom’s place is like a 10 minute drive away but still it’s a little achievement for me! I must add that it was tough doing so because I was really worried that she would wail non-stop from my place all the way to my mom’s place. She did cry initially but stopped a little before the loud wails started when I reached my mom’s place. As for the journey home, she wailed non-stop almost until I reached home. Yikes!

Have to add, it was nerve-wrecking having to drive and have a wailing baby at the back. But if I just keep calm and focused (tune out the crying as white-noise), it isn’t all that bad.

So here’s to more car-rides and mummy-daughter day outs before the end of my 16-week maternity leave. Only 9 odd weeks to go… tick-tock!

Next on my check-list? Baby-wearing! This I have to share and I think you will have a blast reading it…


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