Letter to Sophie x 1

IMG_7083Dear Sophie,

My dearest baby girl.. 4 weeks have just flown by us. I have to admit the first two weeks and then week 4 and 5 were the toughest.. your wails would sometimes completely tear me apart especially when I couldn’t do anything within my power to calm you down. I wanted to get results immediately and it was hard with me wondering most of the time what I did wrong. Well, just by thinking that way, I was already on a different track. Babies are all wired differently and each baby has its own personality and character. The books of course tell us what’s the perfect baby and pigeon-hole each baby with a different name..but you, my girl. Well, I simply now learn not to pigeon-hole you and give you the ‘name’ as per what the books say.

You are simply just different. I will simply learn how to do the Tango with you.

One day when you wore me down, I what’s apped your aunt who gave me the advice. In a moment of despair, I went ‘How is it that one day is good and then the next day, we are 2 steps where we started?’ She simply said, ‘That’s how it works! But trust me, it will get better.‘ So, yes, we will do this Tango dance, where on a good day, I will be over-the-moon but on a not-so-good-day which you throw at me, I will simply bear with it and know that tomorrow, it may just get better.

We’ve passed 4 weeks because this letter was meant to be written much earlier but I haven’t gotten the time to sit down proper to compose this note. Caring for you has become 24/7 and sometimes it wears me out. I often wonder how much time can it take to care for a tiny human. Well, now I know. I gobble down my meals in a hurry just so that I can watch over you. Showers are taken hastily and when we go out (if we do), I hardly even have time to put on any form of make-up. But that’s ok.. these small sacrifices are nothing compared to having you grow up happy and healthy. Like what many other mommies have shared.. it’s a phase and it will get better.

IMG_7082So when the going really gets tough, all I need to do is to simply look into your face and watch out for those sweet smiles and laughter that you dish out when you are asleep or awake. My, you even chuckled in your sleep just the other day and it was pure music to our ears for it meant that you had a sweet dream. Despite the sleep deprivation, these are the little things that you do that keeps me going. I believe that also applies to your dad. We marvel at your presence and at times, just can’t stop staring at you. Yup, crazy parents, we are.

Even though this entry is slightly over a week late, the pictures were taken on your actual day where you turned one month. And boy, was it tough just trying to take decent pictures to be accompanied with this post. I’ll just make do with these for now and wait till when you are little older to pose for the posts.

IMG_7084Watcha doing Mummy?

IMG_7085Seriously, I’m not in the mood!

IMG_7086Okay…now I’m bored!

Love you loads with all of my heart! Mummy


3 thoughts on “Letter to Sophie x 1

  1. e says:

    Both of you are not crazy! We stare at Elisa all the time and chuckle at all her little antics! Hehe. Sophie looks more like daddy?

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