Dunstan baby language

IMG_6800Mummy, I’m not a happy camper! Milk.. NOW!

Sophie can be quite the screamer when she wails and for a new mom, it can be quite bewildering trying to decipher what she wants. I mean at this point in time, it should be really simple fulfilling her needs for it’s either hunger, diaper change and/or sleep. But honestly, when you have done all of the above checks and she’s still screaming murder, that’s when your confidence as a mom crumbles and crushes.

The sis shared that it’s a phase that she will outgrow for she’s still a baby and in this great big world of ours, she just finding her footing and her voice. Since she’s not able to talk yet, the only way she can really communicate is really through crying. She also asked me to look up the Dustan baby language which provides insights on the different cries that newborns make.

This was what I found online which I thought was really helpful. I ain’t no baby whisperer overnight but at least, I’m perking up my ears and trying my darnest to make out the little tones in her cries so that I can meet her needs faster before it turns into inconsolable wails.


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