The party favours…

This is what cabin fever does to me… I ended up shopping for party favours even though the party that we threw for Sophie’s first month was only for family. Even then, there were only 4 kids at the event. Haha… Well, I wanted to make a nice memory out of the little one’s first month and I thought what better way then to give out cute party favours to the kiddos and friends.

In came DivineFavourz Mall (thanks to a rec by Jieying) with these personalised party packs. I was seriously bored one day and with like 5 days to put together the family-do, I turned the FB page of DivineFavourz Mall to get some inspiration. Because Sophie is born in the year of the horse, so the characters from My Little Pony were perfect! I ordered the party pack with customised sack and some goodies to be put inside. The service from DivineFavourz Mall was pretty awesome! Quick turnaround and everything was communicated using Facebook Messenger to sort out the design and the wording to be printed on the goodies.

IMG_6819So pleased with the final product which will make a great keepsake for Sophie and all of Sophie’s related items. Haha!

IMG_6824If you are wondering what’s in the bag, these are the simple goodies that are placed within the goody bag. 🙂

So for Sophie’s party, I simply dressed up the goody packs by placing the packs in a pink gift box (recycled) and placed the pony toppers that I had stocked up previously. Makes for a nice decorative piece on the table and I’m pleased with how they fit into her theme. 🙂



2 thoughts on “The party favours…

  1. libbyty says:

    So cute and what a nice touch to have personalized the pony bags!! Now you can use them to keep her clothes / shoes !! Happy Full Month Sophie!

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