Newborn shoot

There’s something precious about newborn shoots, one I wasn’t sure we were going to do for a friend mentioned that it can be quite challenging trying to manage a newborn plus some of the poses can be quite traumatizing for the infant and may cause added stress to the parents present at the shoot. With those thoughts in mind, I kinda hesitated signing up for a newborn shoot with Sophie. I thought perhaps a month later might be better, she will be a bit bigger and perhaps easier to manage.

Well, turned out I was wrong. The Man’s friend got us a newborn shoot with Hart at Tomato Photo as a gift. Ideally, the newborn shoot should take place between 5-10 days of the newborn’s life. I’ve seen the amazing work that Hart has done for newborn, I was beyond thrilled with the gift. So on day 7, we gamely brought Sophie out for her very first shoot.

It was all very professionally done. Hart emailed us a list of things we should do prior to the shoot. As photography for newborns can be quite tricky, we were told to give Sophie a full feed before the shoot so as to ensure that things move smoothly. Well, we tried. On the morning of the shoot, I nursed Sophie and managed to express some breast-milk which we happily brought along thinking it would be sufficient. We also prayed that Sophie would be on her best behaviour and the photo-shoot would go on without a hitch so we can be home within 1 hour.

Well, the best laid plans never go along as planned. When we arrived, Hart carried Sophie and within minutes, he told us that Sophie isn’t full and that she probably needs to be fed. The Man and I looked at each other and went ‘But we just fed her!’ย  The expressed breast milk wasn’t sufficient and lil Miss Sophie was just fussing at this point in time. Thankfully, Hart was super patient and he showed me to his studio where I could nurse Sophie till she was a little more full.

Then the cameras started rolling. The props came out with Hart taking over Sophie from then on while the Man and I just sat back to admire the work that he had done. Of course, we’ve been warned that the baby would be in the weirdest and somewhat contorted pose that might frighten/stress the parents. But seeing how Hart managed Sophie from the onset, we were put completely at ease. In the end, Hart dished out useful parenting tips to first-time fumbling parents like us which we totally appreciated.

During the entire shoot, Hart was also very patient and allowed us to feed Sophie on demand. The shoot took longer than 2 hours but we were never pressured by the time. In fact, Hart stressed that in order for the best shots to be captured, he is willing to let the shoot go over 4 hours if needed. Thankfully for us, we managed to wrap things up in about 3 hours, because by then Sophie was getting tired and us, frazzled. There were also 2 incidents when Sophie did some naughty business on the props and the Man, but Hart just shrugged it off and told us, this happens a lot with newborns. Phew!

Here are some of the shots that were taken by the masterful photographer:


IMG_6504My fave shots of Sophie with her sweet smile


IMG_6513And this is the winning shot for us! Hart really captured Sophie’s smile at the right moment! We couldn’t help but purchase this shot on a canvas and now this is the picture that has replaced the painting in our room. ๐Ÿ™‚

If you are ever contemplating on doing a newborn shoot, I would definitely recommend Hart at Tomato Photo for his professionalism plus the amazing photos he managed to capture of the newborn.

As we look back on these pictures, Sophie has really changed in terms of her features from a newborn so I’m really glad we did this to capture her babyness as an infant in her first few days of life.


7 thoughts on “Newborn shoot

  1. jolene says:

    these are lovely portraits, some of the nicer newborn portraits i’ve seen โ€“ especially the one of your family. congrats on little sophie, she’s gorgeous ๐Ÿ™‚

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