So, what’s the plan?

Arh the Birth Plan.

When I was doing my research on what to pack in the hospital bag, the birth plan was one that popped up. I wondered what exactly that was for we didn’t have one. Didn’t really discuss with the doc on having one. You see my doc is one that prefers we just do what he says, so for a good number of years that we have been seeing him, we basically just entrusted our lives with him. All we knew in the grand birth plan was to deliver baby safely as well as naturally so that I will not scar from the c-section. I have the worse case of keloids and my doc swears I top the list of his patients with the worse scarring problems even when he’s superbly skilled in the area of stitching. Arh well, I can’t fight with Mother Nature on that.

Since we didn’t have a birth plan with the doc, I came up with one instead. My birth plan before delivering S? To eat of course! I’ve heard about the confinement period and the food that one eats during confinement. Let’s just say, they don’t call it confinement for nothing.

So our plan before going to the hospital was:

Scenario 1: If contractions set in and I can tolerate them, have a shower! Then depending on the time of the day that we are having the baby, decide where we want to eat. Top of my list was Prata and Mac Donalds for convenience.

Scenario 2: If water bag breaks when I’m outside, we will have to go back home for I need to shower! And then depending on the situation, go have a meal before checking into the hospital to have the baby.

Scenario 3: If contractions set in and water bag breaks, I will still need to shower, look for food then head to the hospital!

As you would have noticed, some of the more important things that I was clearly concerned about was having a shower (feeling all fresh) and eating before having the baby. Well, we all knew how this one turned out. Best laid-plans all thrown out of the window for we immediately checked in to the hospital.  Haha…

For another mom’s take on the Birth Plan, do have a read of Miss Ene’s recent post on Bubsicles on the same topic.


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