Managing expectations

I now learn that parenting comes with a whole new experience every day. Just when you think, ‘Hey, I think I got this!‘ Something else happens. Good or bad, well, depends on how you look at it.

Week 2 of our parenting gig and well, has it been easier? I thought so. Each day is a new lesson learned on breast-feeding and basically being a mother. I think I’ve always been a go-getter. When there is a problem, I often try to come up with solutions to manage the problem. That’s how I dealt with stuff at work and some part of it translated to how I lead my life even though I also like going with the flow. Oxy-moron? Yup, that’s basically me in the nutshell.

When we first came home, I had the perfect picture in my mind. S sleeping and feeding all the time, the folks at home will manage the home, Sparky would be totally cool with the new sibling, the confinement nanny that we had hired will solely be looking after me and I would get ample rest to nurse my health back. I mean how bad could my health be. Week 1 passed and I realised how much the pregnancy has taken a toil on my physical health. I could no longer do the things that I wanted to do, which included walking about in double the speed, my hands would ache when I try to do my own laundry (a no-no apparently for you don’t want water to get into your system) and my body would ache. No wonder they said pregnancy is the best part, which I fully agree. I can’t even recognise my own body when I wake up, feeling groggy, tired, grouchy and sticky. Yucks! S’s appearance also kinda ‘disrupted’ the equilibrium of how things are done at home. Suddenly, members of the family were thrown in disarray and not sure what to do with the baby around. Sparky was really angsty with the new member of the family and barked non-stop, wanting to be let into S’s nursery. To be honest, a few days at home coupled with cabin fever, I felt really frustrated at how things were being done and felt extremely down.

That wasn’t the picture perfect scenario I was expecting and hoping for. But is life ever picture perfect in the first place? I guess not. I guess with this episode, I learned (and the Man sat me down to console a sobbing me) that we just gotta take a slower pace. The equilibrium has been disrupted but all it takes is a bit of time for everyone to get used to the new ways of working.

IMG_6600S sleeping like a boss despite the mayhem at home. 🙂

So yes, things are slowly getting better. We learn something new each day, we try something new each day to make our lives a little better and I will worry about the next problem when it hits or when I have nothing else better to do and my mind will wander far and wide.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 presetAnd just like that, S has passed the 2 weeks mark. She’s now going through a growth spurt and boy, is she hungry ALL THE TIME! There’s hardly any time to rest for when she’s done feeding and put down to take a short nap, it feels like it’s time to feed her all over again. Phew! BUT, we will get through this.. it’s a phase… let’s just hope it passes real soon so everyone can get a breather before she goes on to hit her next milestone.


6 thoughts on “Managing expectations

  1. Corsage @ A Dollop Of Me says:

    Hang in there J! Taking care of a newborn while recuperating from giving birth is one of the hardest things ever. It will get better and it is nice to know that your Man is there to support you. You can do this!

  2. csary says:

    Take it slowly, it will take time to adjust to the new lifestyle. It’s ok to let it out.. i think partly due to the drop in hormonal levels after delivery. It’s normal. Breastfeeding in the initial months is tough but u will enjoy it after that. For this 1 mth all other things can wait just focus on your recovery and baby. Jiayou!

  3. gimmeamuffin says:

    The first three months always feel like the fourth trimester to me. Everything will be fine once you get the hang of things and I know you can!

    • Lady J says:

      I agree.. I read about the first three months being the fourth trimester. It’s really quite intriguing and I hope with time, I will get the hang of things.

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