The birth story

Figured that the memories are still fresh in the head so I might as well pencil down S’s journey into the world before the mummy brains fully set in.


Baby S rocked our world at 39 weeks… we were going to hit the 40 week mark. I wasn’t quite ready for her, remember the food list that I made out plus I was worried about work although the colleagues in the workplace have been really kind in taking over the work.  So on a Sunday, we went about doing our things, we checked out a couple of cars with the BFF for we wanted to have the current one changed since it was pretty old and all ready to be scrapped. With no dinner plans, the BFF offered to cook dinner for us at his place and we jumped at the offer. During dinner, I had some wine along with some wonderful pasta and meat dishes that the chef whipped up. More friends came along and asked if we were ready.  The Man and I just brushed it aside for we thought baby would only join us in a couple of days. Well, we guessed wrong.

That very night after a blissful shower, I was all ready to head to bed. With about 2 bottles of wine that was opened earlier during dinner (I only had a glass), the Man was slightly buzzed and we were lazing in bed watching a movie on cable. I got up to go to the toilet for the xxx time thinking that it’s just normal, the usual peeing before bed.  But when I headed back to bed, I felt something amiss and that’s when I realised that my water bag had burst. Told the Man calmly and we were like… ‘Oh-kay, what do we do now?‘ The contractions had yet to kick in for I didn’t feel much pain except for the water bag breaking. I often wonder whether it will be a huge flood of water coming out but it wasn’t the case for me.

I’ve heard that if your contractions have yet to kick in and you go to the hospital, you can expect a long delivery. I wasn’t quite ready to check into the hospital as yet and since we were so full from dinner, I couldn’t really stuff my face with other types of food (remind me to tell you about my grand birth plan!).

We sat on the bed and discussed if we should just wait it out or head to the hospital. The Man decided that it’s best that we head to the hospital, if it was really a false alarm, we would be sent back home instead of wondering if everything is okay at home. So we changed and then calmly left for the hospital. I even had time to set my out-of-office note using the work laptop… hehe.. The Man just rolled his eyes when I took out my work laptop. ;p

True to E’s predictions – she said that most deliveries somehow happened at midnight – the journey to Gleneagles Hospital was smooth compared to the horrendous morning traffic that we have to deal with. We drove pass the prata shop on the way to the hospital and the Man asked me ‘Last chance to eat your prata! How?’ I looked at him and said, ‘I really can’t stuff my face anymore.’ So, off to the hospital we went.

The delivery ward at Gleneagles was kinda quiet and having done our admissions earlier on, we went to the front desk of the labour ward and calmly told the staff that my water bag broke. The nurse on duty then showed us to a room (which was the delivery suite) and told me to lie down. She said since my water bag had already broke, there was no way we were gonna go home. So I just had to wait for the contractions to set in and then deliver the baby.

I was given a hospital gown to change into and basically laid down while the nurses slowly fussed over me when they had the time. Apparently, the delivery ward was buzzing with activity that day with 4 deliveries happening almost back to back. I was given an edema and in less than 5 minutes, most of the stuff I had ingested was expelled. That was kinda uncomfortable but necessary for there had been cases when during delivery, the Mom may poo on the baby while pushing the baby out. That was what I feared most as well. Yikes!

IMG_6184After clearing my business, I was hooked up to devices that would monitor my contractions and the baby’s heartbeat. The contractions came in slow and steady, they were kinda tolerable but painful when it peaked. It was kinda interesting to see the peaks in the chart and how I reacted to the levels grimacing in pain. Our saving grace during the entire wait? Watching the World Cup matches that were shown on Mio TV in our delivery suite and trying to steal forty winks in between before the big push.

At about 7-ish, the nurse came and told us that our gynae, Dr C had called and they will prep me for an epidural shot as well as induce me for my contractions are too wide apart. Arh the dreaded but absolutely necessary epidural shot that I would opt for instead of being a hero during the entire labour process. I was worried about the pain when they administered the shot and though I was tempted to look at the needle, I didn’t. So when the doc injected the epidural into my back, I let out an ‘OUCH!’ and what followed was a tingling sensation on my legs, kinda like pins and needles.

More waiting to be done and about 9, Dr C popped in to check on us before heading to his clinic. He reckoned it will take another 7 to 8 more hours before baby would be delivered as I only dilated by about 3-4 cm. Oh well, nothing we can do about it but wait. Thankfully, after about 4 hours, I was dilated by about 9cm and the mid-wife who was assigned to our delivery ward said it was time to deliver the baby (ie: I now have to work hard to push the baby out)!

Now, the pushing.. I always thought how tough can it be. It was tough indeed! First, with the epidural, you can’t really feel what you are doing below. The mid-wife monitored the contractions and at the peak, told me to breath in and then PUSH with all my might before breathing out. Sounds easy in theory but in real life, it was seriously hard work. The midwife and the Man were my cheerleaders telling me to PUSH and I was just huffing and puffing with all my might trying to push the little being out of Camp Womb.

Those kegel exercises that I was told to practice during the pre-natal yoga classes, I wondered if they helped. In any case, after pushing for about 1.5hours and perspiring loads, the mid-wife decided that it was time to call to Dr C and perhaps look into using forceps to aid me in the delivery. Baby was also stressed from the pushing so her heartbeat dropped a little but I must say she’s a fighter for she really worked hard together with me during the whole process.

In came Dr C minutes later, he suited up (with PCK boots and all) and then told me I just had to push with all my might one to two more times and he would use the forceps to ‘pull’ baby out. Another mid-wife came and together, all of them directed me to PUSH again which I did. Seconds later, I heard cries and Sophie is out into our world.  🙂

IMG_6348Our first family selfie 🙂

Still feels very surreal but as I looked back, almost can’t believe that we created this cutie pie!


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