Checking out: La Ristrettos

A meeting over at TTSH saw us checking out La Ristrettos (like finally) over at Novena Medical Centre for lunch.  I was supposed to head there earlier with the cousins and my sisters for a baby-shower do but that outing didn’t materialise as the Man was in the hospital earlier in May.  So checking out La Ristrettos during lunch was perfect.

IMG_5952Place is small and if you are coming in a big group (4 or more), this may not be an ideal spot for casual chit-chat sessions as seats are also pretty limited.

IMG_5953 IMG_5954Most of the reviews on La Ristrettos are on the amazing coffee beans that they use.  I had reached my caffiene quota for the day plus the iced versions didn’t really entice me so decided to give it a miss.  Calendar Gurl, on the other hand, was in need of caffeine and according to her, this was a pretty good cuppa with a robust roast.

IMG_5955Calendar Gurl’s lunch which was the popular Grande Breakfast where you could choose how your eggs are done (fried, poached, scrambled) served with bacon, mushrooms, sausages, cherry tomatoes, bread and baked beans.  They ran out of baked beans for the day, so they gave her a side of salad instead.

IMG_5956As for me, feeling full from breakfast (I had Kway Chap), I went with a lighter option so I had the Panini Cotoletta which consist of  a chicken schnitzel with avocado, lemon aioli and crumbled parmigiano.  The portion was pretty good and the chicken wasn’t too dry.  Loved the avocado with the lemon aioli which is light, as for the mayo, to be honest, the blobs looked very scary but when they were all mushed up and eaten with the entire sandwich, the flavours all worked well.

This is really a hidden gem of a find, one that’s a wee bit far out but I wouldn’t mind coming back if I were near the vicinity for a meeting or just needed some time out alone.

La Ristrettos
Address: 10 Sinaran Drive, #08-37, Novena Medical Centre, Singapore Telephone: 63977165  
Opening hours: Mon – Fri (8am to 6pm), Sat (8am to 1pm)


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