Checking out: The Market Grill

[Back-dated post before baby]

Catching up with friends are often centered around where to go for dinner.  The BFF had recently done his lasik and had to stay off alcohol so we dragged him out for food instead.

IMG_5485He suggested The Market Grill and a quick check online, I realised its a diner specialising in grill meats and seafood. Ooh burger alert for me!!  🙂

IMG_5484The place ain’t that big and I hear they don’t take reservations so if you want to grab good seats, then head down early which is what we did since I turn in rather early these days.  The place is opened by hotelier / restauranteur Loh Lik Peng who brought as Keong Siak Snacks, Esquina, Pollen and a whole slew of other eateries that I won’t list down.  Apparently when it first opened, the place was packed.  Perhaps we were there early but we managed to snag a table easily on a Friday evening at 6pm +.  Can’t guarantee whether the place will be packed after 8pm for I noticed that many Singaporeans have taken to eating dinner at a later time while I hit the sack at about 9pm.  Talk about feeling old!  Sheesh!

IMG_5487We shared most of the dishes ordering three mains and a side order of Cripsy Pig Ears that we all chomped on happily.  These went down really well with the vinegared sauce accompanied with the dish.  The boys lamented the fact that they couldn’t have their alcohol (both on the road to recovery thus the temp alcohol ban) for the crispy pig ears would have complemented ice cold beers.

IMG_5488The Chargrilled Whole Lobster came highly recommended as with the Porterhouse Steak.  The beef was done Medium Rare so I didn’t really dare to eat much of the meat but everyone on the table seemed to enjoy it.  The lobster was grilled nicely with the meat easily falling off the shell.

IMG_5490The highlight for me had to be the burger!  I wanted to order the CW Breakfast Burger which is supposed to be one of their hot favourites but no one really wanted to have that as well.  So we compromised and had the CW Portobello Burger instead.  The patty was nicely mashed and the mushrooms were cooked through.  I must have been on a burger craze for I was just satisfied with this dish.

Verdict?  Come once if you are looking for a reasonably-priced grilled place to have your steaks and seafood.  The burgers are done pretty well so if you have a burger craving, this may be a good fix.  Will we come back?  Perhaps.  But definitely not in the near future.

The Market Grill
Address: 208 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068642

Opening hours: Mon to Sat – Lunch: 11.30am to 2.30pm, Dinner: 6pm to 10.30pm, Closed on Sundays.


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