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It’s been ages since I’ve been tagged in any blog-related linkys not that it matters and given the state that I’m in right now, I don’t really want to be sitting in front of the lap-top for prolonged periods due to back aches.  😦  But when Esther from At the Conyards approached me for this blog-hop, I thought ‘Hey, why not? It will be good to take stock of where I’m at when it comes to blogging.’  I only got to know Esther not too long ago on Instagram and enjoyed her blog which gives one an insight of her life’s snippets including parenting tips on her adorable little gal.  She’s also expecting a lil boy in August and I can’t wait to see more pics/posts of her beautiful family in time to come.

Looking back, I’ve been blogging for what seems to be like for ages and some have asked me how I can find the content or time to do this.  I may have writer’s block occasionally but I really do enjoy penning down my thoughts (however random they may sound or be) and perhaps just documenting what went on through the day.

So here goes:

a. What am I working on?

Currently, my work-in-progress – waiting for the arrival of our Little One who’s going to turn our lives upside down in a good way.  She will also likely be featured in a bigger way here on the blog as I take on a new role as a Mother and wearing new hats as Parents.  Oh and prepping for Sparky’s 5th birthday as well!  We hope Bun will arrive before his birthday so she can join in the celebrations as well.  The cake has all been ordered and I can’t wait for him to gobble down the big treat that I’ve prepared for him!

b. How does my work differ from others in its genre?
Basically, Lady J’s Musings started out  as a diary of sorts and I write basically what I fancy for the day or simply what I feel like penning down; what I call ‘my online ramblings’.  I’ve since gone on to fine-tune the content and categorising what I write broadly under Eat | Travel | Lifestyle and basically everything-in-between.

Not sure if I classify my blog under a specific genre because there are a lot of bloggers out there who share similar interests and write in similar fashion.  My work is a reflection of how I feel at that point while working on the entry.  When I was living in Geneva, doing the expat wife stint, I would spend at least half the day conceptualising the content for the blog-post.  A lot of work goes into the entry, say for example, a recipe would not just be a recipe.  I would take time to try baking/making the recipe, complete with styling and photographing the final product.  I loved doing that and blogging took up majority of my time there.  It also opened doors to new friendships forged as well as doing more research on places that we visited or surfing the various sites to see how I can beautify content.

That’s all changed now that I’m back in Singapore and with a full-time job, I share candidly about what I really just want to write. Sure, I still do indulge in cooking but there isn’t the razzmatazz involved in doing up a post.  I’m kinda lazy now, so majority of the photos are taken with the iPhone.  But one thing that remains is that I still do my best to share candidly about things that are going on in my life or whatever strikes me as inspiration for the day.

IMG_5416c. Why do I write what I do?
Blogging  has now become a part of my life that I find it quite hard to remove  that even when we travel, I try my best to get on to the internet to update the blog, the Man likes to laugh at me for this.  More importantly, it’s a platform for me to share what matters to me at that point in time.  I do go back to re-read some of my older posts.  Sometimes I have a good laugh at what I’ve written before, sometimes I cringe at what I wrote before and will go ‘Did I really write that?  Sheesh, what was I thinking of?!’

To be honest, when I first started, I never imagined anyone would stumble upon this blog and read about the things I write except for the Man but over the years, that has changed.  It has opened doors to new friendships and me ‘virtually’ meeting like-minded individuals who share the same interests.

d. How does my writing process work?
I’m not a serious writer and as you can tell, my blog is really quite simple in terms of style and even writing.  I don’t have a specific writing process but I usually like to spend most of my evenings surfing or just working on a blog-post that fancies me kinda like ‘flavour for the day’.

Pictures also help add colour to the blog-post so I always try to include some photos into the post that I’m putting together where relevant.  I also have a habit of ranting and going on-and-on about a topic, so to combat this, I usually end up with several drafts of a blog-post, going back to read them over and over again before being happy with the final post and publishing them eventually.


Must add that this linky is not the easiest that I’ve done (posts like ‘What’s in my bag?’ are way easier to do) but one that’s rather insightful in drawing out thought processes.  Plus, it’s always good to keep in check what worked and I’m always game for a challenge.  🙂  So here’s who I’m tagging on this linky…

Libby from Little Bow Girl – I got acquainted with Libby rather recently while doing research on baby cots to get for Bun.  Since then, I’ve been a follower of her blog.  A chic and stylish momma to adorable Baby Sophie Rose, she picks out the most fab outfits for her little one with sound parenting advice/ tips to new moms.

Mag from Medley of Words – Another blogger that I have the pleasure of meeting in person is Mag who’s also going to be a Mummy soon.  Since we work pretty close to each other, it’s nice to put a face to the name, exchange tips on pregnancy and in future, parenting tips.

Book Junkie from Singapore Actually – One of the kindest bloggers who I’ve come across during my years of blogging, Book Junkie blogs about life in our tiny island.  She’s fiercely private but step inside her blog and you will get to know her through her honest and heart-felt writing.


2 thoughts on “Writing process blog hop

  1. bookjunkie says:

    I absolutely adore your blog & love your engaging writing style. So glad that reclusive me has a sweet virtual friend & super eager to see more pictures of your little one.

    So happy for you. From your words I see that you have such a nurturing quality. You’ll be the ideal mum.

    Thanks for thinking of me in this post. Super flattered.

    • Lady J says:

      Thanks BJ, hope you take on the challenge 🙂 Thanks also for sticking around my blog for the past few years, it’s been really nice to make a virtual friend like u. Continue to do what you do! 🙂

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