Tokyo eats: Kyubey

[Back-dated post since Baby Moon in April – but I’m already dreaming of my Salmon don with chilli padi….]

I’ve been dubbed as the ‘Pregno Rebel’ by a fellow Bump Bud.  Actually for a good part of my pregnancy, I did break many rules.  Well, I guess some rules are meant to be broken.  I wasn’t supposed to travel in the first trimester but I ended up doing a lot of traveling during our first trimester simply because we booked all our trips then and when we found out we were preggers, we didn’t really get down to cancelling them as the Man thought it would be a hassle.  The gynae also told us it was okay to go along with the travel plans as long as we took good care of ourselves.  And so we did just that.

People would tell me to avoid raw food especially Sushi and Sashimi which again I didn’t.  Well, the gynae didn’t tell us it was wrong to consume these dishes, so when we told him we were going to Tokyo, he even happily recommended his fave Japanese sushi place to visit.  One of the raw foods I did avoid during the pregnancy is raw oysters, now that I didn’t dare to mess with.

Well, since he told us that he would visit Kyubey every time he goes to Tokyo, we decided to give it a try.  To be fair, we did try to secure bookings at our fave sushi place – Sawada but that was fully booked.  Darn, so we went with Kyubey instead.IMG_4635That’s Yosuke Imada, the owner whose father founded the five-floor establishment in Ginza in 1936.  Imada-san personally greets customers at Kyubei’s main restaurant every single night.  That’s not all, he also makes an effort to speak to most of his customers to make sure that they are happy.  When we were there, he spoke to us in English and even shared a story of a memory he had of Singapore with us.  It’s nice to have such a brief connection with this renowned chef. IMG_4638 IMG_4640

Food-wise, the fish was superbly fresh and the rice used for sashimi was nicely seasoned.  We did enjoy the meal very much and had a lovely time chatting up with the chef who personally attended to our meal during dinner.  Turn-around was also quick at Kyubey and the patrons flowed smoothly throughout the course of the night.  Rather impressive for there are so many sushi restaurants to choose from in a Michelin-studded city like Tokyo.

Kyubey offers several priced menus for their sushi set-dinners.  They don’t exactly come cheap but neither are they crazily expensive if you opt for the lowest priced menu.  The experience does make up for it, so just enjoy!  🙂

Address: 7-6, Ginza 8-Chome, Chuo-ky, Tokyo 104-0061, Japan
Telephone: +81-3-3571-6523



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