Tokyo eats: Savoy Pizzeria at Azabu Juban

[Oops…back-dated post from Baby Moon in April 2014]IMG_4641Savoy Pizzeria used to be our fave when we were living in Tokyo.  We loved it because pizzas are simple just the way pizzas are supposed to be and it’s a little hole-in-the-wall place near the hood we so loved.  We haven’t been back since we left Tokyo in about 2007.  Every trip back to Tokyo, we would just pass by the place but never deliberately stopping in there to have a meal.  The last trip to Tokyo in Jan this year, we did take out a pizza to share among 8 people, but it wasn’t quite the same.

So before leaving for the airport to head back to Singapore, we decided to head back there for old time’s sake.

They have a pretty decent lunch set menu from Mondays to Fridays.  For 1000 yen, you’ll get a drink, a salad and a pizza (Margherita or Mariana).  On weekends, this menu is not available.  The pizza (Margherita / Mariana) cost about 1500 yen.

IMG_4644The place is really small and only seats about 8 pax by the counter.  So either make reservations to secure a seat or head there early like we did to get the seats.  We were there at 11.30am when the store opened.  Talk about being kiasu.  ;p

IMG_4645The Man was determined to have pizza number 3 which is only made/served/revealed when you have successfully finished the first 2 pizzas on the menu (ie: Mariana / Margherita).  We started off with the Mariana first.  Made with a soft pizza dough, fresh tomatoes, fresh garlic slices, basil, generous sprinkling of olive oile and salt, this was a nice start to the meal.  It’s been years since I last sunk my teeth into one of these.  I enjoyed the fresh tomato paste on the pizza but not so much the rest of the herbs.

IMG_4646Next pizza we polished off was the Margherita.  This was a fairly basic pizza which I enjoyed far better than the first.  The Man did most of the eating leaving me a decent sized portion for me to help him.  Determined he was to head on to pizza 3 and we did just that.

IMG_4648 IMG_4649Ta-dah… pizza number 3 – Bianca!  It’s actually a white pizza with 4 different types of cheese toppings.  It was indeed very cheesy and a little salty but nonetheless worth trying if you could actually reach here.  I guess it’s probably determination more than greed for wanting to eat all 3 of these pizzas.

As you would have guessed, we are all ‘pizza-ed’ out now… No more pizzas for us for at least a week or two.


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