Introducing our newest…

Updates around here will primarily be posts that I have drafted but never got round to publishing them before this little one popped into our world and turned it a little topsy-turvy.

IMG_6349Introducing our latest member of our family – Sophie who arrived a week earlier than expected.  Well, I kinda knew she was going to come but I had a couple of loose ends to tie up at work and let’s not talk about the list of food that I had wanted to eat!  Arh well… but the good doc predicted well and the Man and I did joke that if she arrives on Father’s Day she will be the best gift ever for the Man. Her presence has already been the best birthday gift for me when I blew out my birthday candle last year and wished for God to bless us with a child.  He did and we were really over the moon when we found out. So even though she didn’t really arrive on Father’s Day, it was still close and yes, we are counting her as a Father’s Day gift for the Man as well.  😉

IMG_6347So, things at the home are getting abit crazy for now as we try to get our little one settled in.  The whole parenting gig is also a trial-and-error for us and no amount of literature that we read up to prepare ourselves can help with whatever this little girl decides to throw at us at any second. But when we look at this face, it just melts our hearts and we know that we are ready to fight on exclusively for her.



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