Baby haul: Toiletries for the Lil’ One

To be really honest, I thought I would go ‘goo-goo-and-ga-ga’ over shopping for toiletries for Bun.  In the end, close ones shared that I do not need to do so.  In fact, it’s best that I just get just one or two brands first to try out instead of over-buying.  So that’s what I did and believe me when I say, it’s really hard to do so for I’m quite the hoarder.

As baby’a skin is really soft and sensitive, it’s best not to expose them too early to harsh soaps and shampoos.  Some of my leading choices to get for Bun for her daily baths include Baby SebaMed and Esemtem.  Both readily available in Watsons and Guardian.  They came highly recommended by the cousin and the SPIC for its mild cleansing properties that doesn’t strip off the moisture from one’s skin.  In the end, there was no need for me to get any of them for friends and my family got me sufficient toiletries for Bun to start off with.  🙂

Here’s what Bun will be using for now:

IMG_5857Zwitsal: It’s a leading brand for baby toiletries in Indonesia and my family (ie: baby Sister and nephews) all grew up using Zwistal products.  There’s a familiarity in using these products which are fresh and gentle on the skin.  Mum helped to get a set of these shampoo/ shower gel, baby hair lotion and baby lotion for me to try on Bun.  I know she probably have tons of these stashed at home for my nephews who stay over only use Zwistal.

Also, instead of the traditional Ruyi Oil that most families trust and use in Singapore to soothe baby’s tummy, I’m using baby Telon for Bun instead.  It does the same for babies except that the telon oil doesn’t feel hot to touch and yet have the herbal properties have the same soothing elements for babies as well.  Helps that it really does smell divine instead of stinging to the nose.

IMG_5859Mustela : This brand needs little introduction and in fact was also one of my top choices to for Bun’s toiletries.  They seem to have a wide varied of products covered under the brand so I don’t need to shuttle from one brand to another to get the items.  The Sis very kindly gifted me with a Mustela starter kit which had most of Mustela’s best-selling items for babies in a bag. They also smell really good and honestly, I wouldn’t mind using them myself.. hehe…

IMG_5858California Baby Shampoo & Bodywash: A gift from the Boss!  When I told her I was still deciding which brand of shampoo/ body wash to get for Bun at about 31 weeks, she stared at me and told me it’s best to decide on a brand and just get it.  I guess she couldn’t take my procrastination and went ahead to purchase this 2-in-1 item for me.  Oops.. major fail!  😮 Having said that, I do love most of the stuff under California Baby so this gift came in time plus it’s also one of the default gift items that I would usually purchase for friends who have become new parents because of the brand’s philosophy and fun packagingK.

IMG_5922Kiehl’s Baby Nurturing Baby Cream for Face and Body: I love Kiehl’s and this baby range for Kiehl’s is a gift for Bun from my youngest sis.  With it’s 24-hour hydrating formula, I think this would be ideal for the Bun at night.  🙂

IMG_5856Sophie la Giraffe Protection Cream: One of the few items that I got for Bun simply because I think she needs a protection cream when we head out.  Actually not sure if we are going to be going out most of the time or stay at home, but might as well have one on standby.  🙂  Best part for this cream?  It’s apparently a 2-in-1 cream that can be used for the outdoors (protects the skin from damage against the sun) and it can also be used to protect the nappy area from moisture and irritation.  Can I also just say that the simple branding and packaging rocks as well?  Yup, am frivolous that way.

Will be putting these items to test when Bun arrives and maybe I will do an update review of them to see how she takes to these products.  In the meantime, if you have any brands or must-have toiletries for babies to share, feel free to leave me a comment.  Would be interested to find out more.  🙂

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