Dressing the bump at 38 weeks

Figuring out what to wear to work has been rather challenging of late.  Bump is definitely way bigger and I’ve rotated most of my maternity wear.  To be really honest, I don’t think anyone but me really cares about what I’m wearing to work.  Well, dressing up has always been the thing I do look forward to in the day and since I’m preggers, it does take a little more work trying to figure out what to put together since unlike others, being effortlessly chic doesn’t come quite easy.  There are hits and misses but trust me, make-up does wonders!!  Hehe…

Here’s what I’ve been decked out in: IMG_6008Really conscious of my underarms after I discovered the gross pigmentation so my outfits are now geared towards covering up the pits.  😦  Sill loving Asos dress with Pucci prints even though it’s a struggle to take it out.  Haha..

IMG_5984This was a dress that I got at a massive sale that Spring Maternity was organising.  The dress cost like S$20 after the sale so I got it because it was rather comfy and the design was simple.  Threw on a pink cardi to cover my arms and the checks design on the side of the cardi actually popped out.

IMG_6007Another jersey maternity dress that I picked out at Maternity Exchange on a huge discount, this was under S$30 because they were clearing their rental outfits.  Again, conscious of my arms and not wanted to throw on just a plain cardi, I dug on this H&M for Marni cardi which I got and threw it over the outfit.  The double zipper on the cardi which allows me to unzip the bottom for Bump’s comfort was really handy.  Why oh why had I not discovered this before?? IMG_6081Last but not least, took Friday off to see the doc and check on Bun’s progress.  This is my casual outfit for waddling out and about town,  In case, you don’t already know, we are expecting a little girl.  🙂  Love this tee that I got from Asos which tells the whole world the gender of Bub.  Hehe…  So, doc says all looks good and apparently, she’s all set to come and rock our world anytime now… Woo… whee…


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