Checking out: Life is Beautiful Kitchen & Bar

The peeps at the Fashion Co. wanted to meet up before I pop.  Really nice of them and even though I felt pretty tired, it was nice to be in the company of friends.  A date was set at the Life is Beautiful Kitchen & Bar.  Reviews were relatively positive and a fellow-foodie friend-at-work shared that it wasn’t too bad, so we decided to give it a try.

Life is Beautiful Kitchen and Bar prides itself as whipping up hearty Creole cuisine – think Southern fried buttermilk chicken.  Located at Duxton Road, the place has no sign so blink and you just may miss the place for that’s what happened to us.  Well, if you are wondering the exact location, it’s just at the junction close to the public car park.

Apparently, tables are quite hard to reserve.  Don’t ask me why for we tried reserving a table using the Chope app for a Wednesday evening and everything was full.  So we met a day earlier.  The place was filled but not packed.  Most diners were there for drinks and then the food.

IMG_5392Now for the food, seriously, the dishes did little to impress our taste-buds.  The pot of pulled pork with duck crackling was just about average.  The toast served with the starter was just flat and the duck crackling was flat with no crunch.


The exotic Alligator and Bourdin patty sounds exotic but again didn’t do anything for me.  The patty was a little spicy for me and perhaps being pregnant, I should have avoided this dish for I hear that alligator meat can be considered rather ‘heaty’ and not ideal for consumption during pregnancy.  I didn’t particularly fancy the dish.

IMG_5396A must-order on the menu was this Southern Buttermilk Fried Chicken.  Again, nothing fancy.  Just fried chicken nicely done with a crisp and a touch of heat.  Portions run quite big for this dish so it’s ideal for sharing.  Even with 3 pax, we couldn’t really finish off the plate of chicken and if you know me, I do love my chicken.

IMG_5395 The only other dish that I would possibly recommend and had seconds of is the Pecan waffle with onion and beetroot.  Well, probably because of my crazy cravings for waffles, but this was the best dish that I had for the evening.  The waffle was done nicely and it’s rather interesting to have it with roasted beets, onion jam and sprinkling of pistachio nuts and pecans.

As for dessert, the options were either Pumpkin Pie or Apple Pie.  We picked the latter and were sorely disappointed with the portion plus the overall taste of the dessert.  I guess by now, you can tell, the dining experience we had fallen really short of expectations and I don’t think we will head back again anytime soon for seconds of their menu.

Life is Beautiful Kitchen & Bar
Address: 99 Duxton Road, Singapore 089543
Telephone: 9172 2740

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