Lean mean eating machine…

Counting down the days where Bun would finally make her appearance in our world, what have we been doing as soon-to-be new parents?  Eating!!

IMG_5995The Man has been very sweet, telling me that I should eat to my heart’s content the food that I want to eat before the 28 – 30 day confinement rule kicks in.  The MIL is pretty strict about that and I see many bottles of sesame oil with deep-fried old ginger bits all stocked up.  She’s also told me that I can’t be drinking water during this period and the only liquid I have to take is longan water with red dates, “It’s for my own good!” she said.  The Mom has also bought bottles of home-made rice wine that’s supposed to be beneficial to me during the confinement period with tons of ginseng, red dates and longan all waiting to be brewed.  This all scared me to bits cos this confinement business is a tricky one.  It’s like your body is not really your own and will be subjected to all sorts of other ‘nourishing’ food to build up your energy levels.  Unlike pregnancy where I pretty much defied all rules and proud to be called the ‘Pregno Rebel’, this confinement business, I may just have to quietly play the submissive role.  Will the eating in moderation rule apply here? ;| ‘Dear Lord, please help me!’

So yes, given that we have about less than 2 weeks before I hit the 40-week mark.  We’ve pretty much been planning what kind of food I should be eating by the day.  I guess all weight-watching plans should be thrown out of the window at this point in time.  The doctor will definitely not be pleased to hear about it, but I did pretty well for a good part of the pregnancy, keeping my weight in check.  Plus, everything in moderation right?  I won’t go overboard!  After all, I do have the Man who’s willing to stand by me and share half of whatever I’m eating.

IMG_5931So here’s the checklist of food-items to eat before the big day and I will check them off if we manage to eat them all:

  • Wanton Mee (from Amoy Street Market): According to the Man, it’s the best!  [Update: went on 13 Jun and it was closed!!]
  • Bak Chor Mee from Hill Street or Tiong Bahru Market
  • Mee Sua Pork Noodle from Circular Road
  • Beach Road Prawn Mee
  • Yakitori from Tori-Tama
  • Nasi Padang with sedap and spicy sambal belachan pls!
  • Beef kway teow from Geylang
  • Seremban beef noodles from Marine Parade Market
  • Prata
  • Satay

Things I managed to eat before Bun’s arrival since drawing up the list:

IMG_6044Yazawa Yakiniku

IMG_6079Luke’s Oyster Bar and Chop House – the chocolate chip cookie!

IMG_5842I obviously am being ambitious with the whole list.  I doubt we will get to checking them all off.  But hey, no harm just listing down right?  🙂

Did I set off any of your cravings now?  If yes, what exactly would you add to the list?  Hehe..

One thought on “Lean mean eating machine…

  1. bookjunkie says:

    excited about the appearance of your lil one on the blog. And yes do eat to your heart’s content. Even though I don’t always comment, since I’ve been tardy on my own blog as well, I’m always a fan 🙂

    Poor you…confinement sounds tough though.

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