Checking out: Naked Finn

Checking off the list of places to go eat before the arrival of Bun.  Will life drastically change?  Yup, that’s for sure.  For the better or for the worse?  Well, we will never know but we might as well enjoy the time that we have now where it’s just the 2 of us and Bun in Camp Womb in tow, quietly enjoying our conversations and nudging along to show her presence.

IMG_5797Brought the Man to Naked Finn since he hasn’t been there and I wanted to give it another go after visiting it like maybe more than a year ago with Fashionista Cat.  I found the place to be a little out of the way (ie: if you don’t drive, it can be quite a challenge to get to) but the Coconut Rum Cocktail is seriously one of the best in town that I’ve tried so I really wanted the Man to give it a try as well.

The dining landscape in Singapore is really changing and if you want to go to a nice restaurant on a weekend, reservations are a must.  The last thing you really want is to be turned away at the restaurant after driving all the way out. So that’s what we did.  Secured reservations for an early sitting for 6.15+pm and returned the table by 8pm for the next batch of diners.  Like I said, my energy levels have dipped considerably and I can’t last long anyway.

IMG_5799Complimentary soup provided by the folks at the Naked Finn.  The service is warm and friendly and the servers really do make an effort to make small talk with the diners.  Again, whether you enjoy such a service is totally personal but we did for it makes it easier for us to approach them for recommendations on the menu if we had any.C

Naked Finn offers largely a seafood menu so if you are allergic to seafood or have a meat craving, this may not be ideal for you.  Having said that, they do have some vegetarian items that you can look at if these fill you up.

IMG_5800 IMG_5801For staples, we went with the chilled bee hoon and chilled kang kong.  The Man commented that it’s kinda funny that these were all served chilled.  I guess that’s their USP (unique selling point) and actually, if it’s a hot evening, these 2 dishes would have gone down well.  But when we were there, grey clouds and wet skies shrouded over us, so it was pretty funny eating this cold dishes on a cool weather.

IMG_5802IMG_5804 IMG_5805For mains, we shared the above seafood dishes.  We had the lightly grilled razor sword clams with shallot oil and also done in a Vietnamese style.  To be honest, both were almost the same in taste, so I couldn’t really tell the difference.  It was just grilled nicely with a drizzle of the shallot oil.  Best enjoyed dunked with more chilli sauce if you ask me.

We also shared the deep-fried Soon Hock that was really good.  The deep-fried bits were all very crunchy and it’s one of the rare times that I’ve seen the Man heartily digging plus devouring into the dish with gusto.  Can I also say that for a person who hardly touched chilli before?  He dunked all the fish bits into that Vietnamese Chilli Dip.

As for the steamed spot prawns with white wine sauce,  though they were extremely fresh, I didn’t think it was that great.  The Man also exceeded his quota for shell-fish for the week but again, one of the rare moments that he would finish half of the prawns.  He even peeled them for me and that’s super rare because in the 10 odd years that I’ve known him, he would hardly even peel prawns for me!

Nice spot for a date night with seafood that’s so fresh.  Would we come back?  Not quite sure but I wouldn’t come back again on my own without transport.

The Naked Finn
Address: 41 Malan Road, Gillman Barracks, Singapore 109454
Telephone: +65 6694 0807 (please call between 4pm – 6pm)


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