Week 38

IMG_4935Dear Baby Girl,

38 weeks!  Whoa… almost there as some will say.  The clock is fast ticking and yet deep down inside, I want it to slow down.  Don’t get Momma wrong, it’s not that we are not ready to welcome you into this world, but I’m also selfish, I’m not ready to share you with the rest of the world yet.  I know everyone especially your Dad is so excited to meet you but I still love these moments with you in Camp Womb.

Just the other night I was sharing with Daddy about how nice life is right now.  Yup, even though I’m heavily pregnant and the weight has taken a toil on my back, but I love carrying you inside of me, running around to do our things.  I don’t have to worry about schedules, bottles and whether you are ok.  I know that you are doing fine inside my belly with your knobs and kicks to reassure me and with me nourishing you with the different types of foods that I ingest.

I will really miss being pregnant, the strong bond that only you and I share – the weeks / the months of bearing you exclusively in Camp Womb and protecting you to the best of my ability.  My joys and my fears that only you and I share –  I will miss this dearly.  But these will all be a loving memory that I will forever hold dear to my heart and with you in the world, we will create new memories.  Our little family of four.  🙂

Ever since you were formed in my womb, you are loved dearly and I will continue to protect you with the best of my abilities.  I know the journey as a Mother will not be easy and honestly, I’m so scared of failing, of not being able to withstand the pressures that not only come with nurturing you but also the external factors.  But you can be certain I will try my best and pray to God for strength through it all!

Not long more Baby Girl, not long more!

Love: Momma

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