Shopping for baby stuff in a jiffy..

With just about 2 weeks before we hit the full 40 weeks term, the nesting instinct has been very strong.  Friends asked if we are ready.  I honestly don’t know if we will ever fully be ready but we got almost everything there.  We are as prepared as we possibly can but I guess there could be some stuff that we may have left out so if need be, we will just run off to get them.  Thankfully, in a country like Singapore, almost everything is within reach or could be purchased with the click of the button.

Case in point was this Sophie la Giraffe Protection Cream  that I came across. I’ve been searching for a sunscreen for Bun and haven’t come across any ideal ones that I thought maybe suitable.  Is sunscreen even necessary for babies?  Well, yes for me for the sun in Singapore is really harsh and I don’t really want to expose Bun to those harsh UVA and UVB rays, so the least I can do is to protect her with a baby-safe lotion/ cream.  I’ve also shared previously that I’ve been an avid reader of Little Bow Girl – a gorgeous young mummy to a beautiful baby – when I was doing research on the baby cot to get.  On one of her recent posts, she talked about the Sophie la Giraffe Protection Cream that she had used on her baby and had worked pretty well.  So I decided to stock one up for Bun.

But the question was where can I get my hands on them fast and without heading out to town to physically get them?  I obviously turned to Google immediately this morning when I woke up and decided ‘Yes, sunscreen for Bun!‘  Within minutes, I found that the item was stocked on SoSoon.  Had a couple of clicks here and there, the site checked out and looked relatively reliable, placed an order along for the Sophie la Giraffe Protection Cream with this Dream Baby Push Light 3D Star (a night lamp that I’ve been trying to get for Bun’s room) and stocked up on this Earth Friendly Baby Friendly Detergent with Chamomile and Lavender.

IMG_5855Talk about speedy delivery!  Placed an order for these items at about 9.30am on a Sunday morning and by the time I got home at 4pm, the box of items were already at home waiting for it to be unpacked.  Wow!  That’s not all!  You get a S$10 credit when you sign up with them which means more savings for the items purchased.  The Man couldn’t fault me for that.. hehe!  I was truly impressed with the overall shopping experience and wondered why  I haven’t known about their existence until today.  Sheesh! Oh and they don’t just sell kids and baby stuff, loads of other stuff is available on the SoSoon site, so check them out if you need to scratch a shopping itch without leaving the home.  🙂

Have you come across any other sites that offer such efficient service and delivery?  If yes, please share.  Will be happy to check them out and keep them bookmarked for a rainy day.



4 thoughts on “Shopping for baby stuff in a jiffy..

  1. libbyty says:

    !! Already 38 weeks, so exciting !!! The anticipation must be crazy ! 🙂 And I hope the Sophie La Girafe Cream works for your bun too in this hot, hot heat ! 🙂

  2. csary says:

    i like the night light. Look simple and easy to use. The website looks interesting. Will check it out too.
    Another website that might come in handy for you in the near future will be this I bought my spare parts for breastpump from this site as it is cheaper than in departmental stores.

    • Lady J says:

      Thanks for the website rec! Will check it out! Yeah I like the night light too! The design is not overly cute and is battery-operated which maybe ideal for now.

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