iHerb haul

K shared with me a recipe for lactation cookies and I decided to try make them if I have the time within the next week or two to kick-start or boost my breast milk supply.  Headed to iHerb to get the ingredients for the ‘boob-milk cookies’ since some of these ingredients are significantly cheaper there.  The best part is that I don’t have to lug all these groceries home.  All I need to do is to pop them into a shopping basket, check them out and off they go in a box to Singapore.  Simple and easy!  🙂

IMG_5757Healthy and hearty ingredients needed to bake up my ‘boob-milk cookies’.  Will let you know how that goes and will also share the recipe if it works for me.

IMG_5756Also picked up more stuff for myself and Bun.  The Earth Mama Angel Baby, New Mama Bottom Spray is supposed to be a life-saver especially for post-partum bottoms.  Not going to quibble with that so decided to treat my bottom to some TLC and when this arrived, it went straight into the hospital bag in case I forgot.

I was also looking around for hand sanitizer to be placed in the Bun’s room before we handle Bun and a portable one for when we are on the go.  Didn’t want to go for commercial brands like Dettol nor Kirei Kirei for I read that they are pretty harsh on one’s skin.  So I decided to check out some of the offerings available on iHerb.  The babyganics alcohol-free foaming hand sanitizer looked pretty decent so decided to give it a try and got the 50ml one to pop into the diaper bag.

I am still on the look-out for a decent hand sanitizer so welcome any recommendations that are baby-safe and not so harsh on the skin.

iHerb indeed is a treasure trove, sometimes to the extent of being mind-boggling since they have so many brands and different types of items available.  If you are planning to stock up your vitamins, health supplies, groceries, baby stuff or pet-related items, you should head on down and check them out.

Here’s a shopping offer for you if you have yet to jump on the iHerb bandwagon 🙂

Shop iHerb.com. You can save $10 off your first order of $40 or more; or $5 off orders less than $40! just by using my Rewards Code CJV852

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