Catching up…

I tire easily these days.  Energy levels have dipped and instead of running from place to place and packing all my appointments within a day, I’ve learned to take a step back and just admit the fact that I need to rest.  Many have asked if I intend to take a couple of weeks before Bun’s arrival to rest or just have the time for myself.  Nope, not going to do that.  Instead, I’ve decided to work till I pop and then save all the leave for maternity. Managed to also take a couple of days here and there off work for medical appointments and to meet up with friends who run a flexible schedule in the day to catch up with me.  Am actually thankful for their flexible schedules to accommodate the preggie me!

IMG_5642Finally nailed a date and time to catch up with Min after postponing a couple of times when the Man was hospitalised.  Decided to head for brunch at Nassim Hill Bakery since it was a little off town and possibly a little quiet in the mornings.  The Man dropped me off after our check-up and the newly addition of Cheddar Cheese and Bacon Bits Waffle called out to me!  I decided when Min arrived I was going to have just that.  Was getting a little sick of sweet waffles and didn’t mind trying a savory one for a change.

IMG_5643When Min arrived and we finally decided on the orders, the server told us that the savory waffle that I had set my eye on was sold out!  Damn!  So I went back to the safer choice of ordering the Wholemeal Belgian Waffles with beerbeiser sausage.  The waffles were crispy and went well savory with a small slice of sausage bit or sweet with maple syrup drizzled over it.

IMG_5644Min ordered the Almond French Toast which we shared.  Loved the use of brioche for french toasts and if I were to make it at home next time, I must remember to get brioche buns, somehow it’s a lot fluffier.

IMG_5654It’s nice to catch up with the girlfriend.  Even though we don’t meet as much as we used to, it’s nice to pick up where we left off and share the going-ons in my life with you.  Thanks also for the gifts that you picked out for Bun… that’s not all the haul that you gifted but I could squeeze these into a frame.  Super love those blue shoes you got her which I’m sure she will kick them off, but I’m still going to dress her up in them.  Psst.. there’s a matching headband that I got for her that will go so well with the shoes.  🙂


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