Checking out: Wa-Cafe

With the opening of the Downtown Line, it’s so much easier to head down to Chinatown Point for lunch instead of walking out to Marina Bay Sands or Raffles Place.  Plus the food offerings at Chinatown Point are far more exciting!  I don’t think I visit the place enough or have even tried half of the food places at the Basement.

I wanted to meet Jenn to collect the Milky-so-Good cookies that I had ordered from her recent Snoring Dog Milky-so-Good promotion drive.  Thankfully, she wanted to check out Chinatown Point so we agreed to meet up for a quick-lunch there.  A colleague had tried the lunch menu at Wa-Cafe and highly recommended the place for lunch.  I’ve walked past the cafe whenever I head down to Chinatown Point but it didn’t really cross my mind to have lunch there although I must add that those stack-high French Toasts do look extremely delicious.  Since the colleague tried it and gave the place a thumbs up, we decided to give Wa-Cafe a go.

Prior to trying out a new place, I generally like to do some homework.  After all, most information/ reviews can be readily found online.  So I googled Wa-Cafe and found that there weren’t many online reviews of the place.  Strange!  But nevertheless, we decided to still give the place a try.

Jenn was there slightly earlier to grab seats and shared that the place was largely full by the time she got there with most of the customers being Japanese natives.  One thing I learned about this ‘phenomena’ is that if the place is opened by a Japanese and is frequented by Japanese natives, chances are it’s a pretty decent place.

IMG_5748Wa Cafe offers largely coffee and teas with pretty desserts that will favour your belly during tea-time.  Having said that, they also offer a decent menu with heavier items such as baked rice, pasta and omu rice.  Feeling a little famished, we decided to share the Omu Rice with demi-glazed meat sauce and a mushroom soup which made up the lunch set.  Jenn commented that the sauce was slightly too over-powering for the omu rice but I really did enjoy the dish.  Tomato-flavoured rice with generous portions of meat and the silky egg omelette drenched with meat sauce was really just the savory dish that I needed for lunch.

IMG_5750And because there is always room for dessert now, we also shared this Matcha Hanito.  What’s a Hanito? I learn something new today for I’ve always been calling this dish a thick French toast!  Hehe…

Hanito is a highly popular dessert served in many restaurants, cafes and eateries in Japan.  It’s actually a thick buttered toast that’s cut conveniently into cubes for the diner.  Atop the thick toast, one will find toppings of ice-cream, fruits, mochi, red bean paste, whipped cream and honey.  Say bye-bye to your diet when you place an order of this.

It was my first time having a Hanito and oh boy!  The feeling was both pleasurable and yet guilty.  The toast was done nicely, very crunchy on the outside but yet so soft and warm on the inside.  Best enjoyed with all the toppings that have been placed on the top of the bread, it was really heavenly.

But it was seriously too much!  Even sharing a main, we couldn’t really bring ourselves to polish this off, so we ate whatever we could possibly eat on top (sans the whip cream) and left the most of the carbs on the plate.  Sorry for wasting food!

Wa-Cafe is quite a quaint place to hang out.  It certainly won’t be my last visit here for I want to try the pasta and the baked rice.. oh and the other desserts that I spied on the menu!  Now, lemme see who I can drag from work to join me for lunch again?  Any takers?

133 New Bridge Road, B1-51, Chinatown Point, Singapore 059415
Telephone: +65
6444 7676
Opening hours: 11am to 9pm (daily)

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